Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dhoni might be out for a few Days

As feared by the fans, Bond has dealt a blow to the hopes of Chennai Super Kings.Injury caused by Bond in yesterday's match is more serious than it was initially thought. Doctors have prescribed at least 10 days of rest to Dhoni. He is going home and would not be even going to Delhi for the match on 19th March. Dhoni is expected to be back in Chennai on March 21. Doctors would be assessing his fitness on  his return. Only hope is that he recovers fast and does not miss many matches. 

In his absence, Raina has been assigned as a stand-in captain. 

How bad does this injury will hit Chennai Super Kings? Post your comments. 


Cub said...

very big blow. And with Huss not available too the middle order looks very thin. Maybe we need to play bailey and sacrifice morkel/kemp

Anonymous said...

Bailey is in new zealand..i think. wasnt he selected for the aussie team?

Cub said...

Bailey was in ODI squad but not in test. I read on CSK site that bailey had joined CSK team before KKR game and he is available

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

Ellam Nanmaike.. :)

M said...

The real issue is not about losing Dhoni - it is about who will captain.

Guys like Badri, Vijay, and Ashwin have captained their sides in Ranji or the ODI and T20 equivalent matches. Hayden too has led QL and Nort'shire in England. What does VB and co. do? They make Raina lead.
I am shocked to find that they have made him, who has little captaincy experience, lead the team.

Unknown said...


Yes.. It was a shock to me too.. to see Raina made a captain. But VB has generally made good decisions so trusting him to do what is right..

Cub said...

This will turn out to be jakati-like decision made my VB & Co. complete left field decision this. VB & Flemo have their work cutout from the dugout.

Any reason why dhoni was sent to ranchi instead if travelling with team? He could have been a "non-playing" captain

Honestly I can only see haydos as captain other than raina. ashwin and vijay have started playing regularly only this year and are not that established. So it is unfair to put more pressure on them. Badri could also have been a good candidate.

So if parthiv plays as opener then, will vijay play? if he doesnt and badani comes in middle order, then csk will be filled with lefties bar badri and kemp.