Saturday, 27 March 2010

Do or Die Battle for Chennai Super Kings

Finalists of IPL Season 1 play against each other in India again. Fortunes of both the teams can't be any different. One of the pre-tournament favorites - Chennai Super Kings, now find them self in the bottom of the table with three successive defeats. Written off by most, Rajasthan Royals have turned the table on their critics, after three successive victories. This is a do or die battle for Chennai Super Kings to get their semifinal campaign on track. 

1. Hayden 2. Vijay 3. Raina 4. Badri 5. Dhoni 6. Albie 7.Jakati 8. Balaji 9. Tyagi 10. Murali 11. Ntini

Reasons for My Choice
  1. Vijay is a better player than Parthiv. 
  2. Unless he is going to keep wickets, Parthiv should never be picked considering his liability on the field. 
  3. Tyagi should never have been dropped. 
  4. It is better to play a quality bowler rather than an all rounder who can't bowl quality balls and who does not get the opportunity to bat. 

RR Probable XI
1. Lumb 2. Ojha 3. Yusuf Pathan 4. AC Voges 5. AA Jhunjhunwala 6. P Dogra 7. SK Warne 8. S Narwal9. 10. SK Trivedi 11. SW Tait

Most Dangerous Bowlers
1. Yusuf Pathan: Only Batsman in Rajasthan Royals team who can take apart any bowling. Hope it is one of his off-days tomorrow. 
2. Tait: How Rainas & Parthiv/Vijays of the world play against him will decide the match. 
3. Warne: Though Warne might not have taken as many wickets as his peers - Murali & Kumble, he is still the best bowler of the team. 

Favorites: Though Rajasthan Royals are the in-form team, Chennai Super Kings are stronger team on paper. Hope Chennai Super Kings are able to reverse their fortunes tomorrow. 


Chris said...

Dear Robin,
Chennai is definitely the stronger team to most on paper. Unfortuantely actual cricket is played on the field. We need to give Makhaya and ohter tamilnadu players a chance. Definitely Murali is better than Parthiv, but both are no good for the team. We forget that 11 players need to contribute their best. If tamil nadu players play for the team instead of playing to be in the team , we might see better results.

Unknown said...

@ Chris,

You hit the nail with your comment. It seems as if everybody is playing for themself rather than for the team. An environment of trust & team spirt seems to be missing.

Unknown said...

i am surprised why the new faces in the team is lacking any punch. Fringe and new players have been a flop since IPL-1 for CSK. If 1 or 2 flops we can assume lack of exposure etc etc.... but if every green horns fails... shows the grooming and mentoring process in CSK dressing room in poor light. The big gulf in talent must be either narrowed by mentoring or can just be left to rot.... making the gulf larger. Anyways... after being passionate abt CSK i am now being indifferent and if the situation doesnt improve... i might simply loose interest in CSK. CSK owes to its fans...

Unknown said...


Big Gulf is more to do with the fact the team had not done any good purchases after Season 1. Flintoff who was bought for such a high price is perennially injured. None of the Purchases in Auction of Season 3 were of quality..

Amandeep Singh said...

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Anonymous said...

Good point regarding Tait. Lot depends on how Raina/Badri/Vijay/Parthiv play him. I think only Haydos and Dhoni have the technique to score briskly off him without swinging like crazy. So it would be better off for the rest to play him off or rotate the strike rather than taking him on.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your team. If the top 6 don't click from now on, then there is no hope anyways. Duck Patel must never be selected again. I hope they don't renew their contract. All the folks who claim that TN players must be given importance, please give it a rest. I don't care which Indian plays for Chennai. CSK is a private enterprise and there should be no quotas of any kind. May the best folks play. I am not in favor of the 7-4 rule it self. But among the 7 Indians, I just want the best to play. Palani Amarnath and co can ply their trade in the Chennai league. Ntini is not a fast bowler anymore, but at least he is faster than the Kemps and Balajis. Tyagi, seems to be able to get it into the high 130ks and that is good. We better start winning tomorrow.

Next year, I would like the CSK team to try for the following players, if they are available.

- M. Johnson
- M. Aamer

These two have better bowling prowess than Albie and they are decent hitters too. I wouldn't spend a lot of money again on Flintoff. Of course, Oram shouldn't be even considered.

I guess CSK will retain Haydos Albie, Murali and Hussey.

Unknown said...

I guess Vijay is of no use, same is Joginder, I have never seen him giving any contribution. Instead select Ashwin, reason being spinners seem to be better than fast bowlers for chennai. Have Jakati, Murali and Ashwin. Morkel and Tushara/Nitini for fast bowling..

patrick said...

@ Srini.

Please... not Ashwin again. He was the reason for the loss of two matches. Against Punjab and RCB. He was unable to hit 1 run from 2 balls and dropped crucial Utthappa's catch. forgot that brother?

Murali said...


Yeskay said...

KKR had the best brand valuation last year with endorsements and finished bottom of the table.

CSK has the max endorsements this year and well well...

patrick said...

This site has to be renamed as CSK fans "polambal site". That would make more sense.Every fan of CSK is banging their heads on the wall.Polambalo polambal.

Ankit said...

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