Monday, 22 March 2010

Chennai Super Kings Vs Hottest Team of the Tournament

After a shameful performance, the team comes against the hottest and the strongest team in the tournament. Bangalore Royal Challengers team would be confident that they could easily tame the wounded lions from Chennai. And their understanding would be that our team is about individuals. So if you dismiss Hayden early and don't lose wickets to Murali, you can win the match. I am sure they are in for a suprise. Expect the fringe players from CSK to put up their hands and showcase their potential. 

CSK Probable XI:
1. Hayden 2. Parthiv Patel 3. Suresh Raina 4. Badri 5. Vijay 6. Bailey 7. Albie Morkel 8. Ashwin 9. Balaji 10. Jakati/Tyagi 11. Murali

BRC Probable XI:
1. Kallis 2. Pandey 3. Robin 4. Kohli 5. Morgan 6. Dravid 7. Boucher 8. Praveen Kumar 9. Kumble 10. Steyn 11. Vinay

Most Dangerous Players
1. Kallis: None has been able to take his wicket this season. Somebody from the team has to dismiss Kallis tomorrow. Otherwise, he would ring the death-bell for Chennai Super Kings. Even he is dismissed early, his tight bowling can still make a difference to the result. 
2. Kumble: Not only his bowling but also his captaincy can decide a game singlehandedly. All the players should be wary of this inspirational and wily fox. 

Favorites: Only a die-hard Chennai Super Kings Fan would pick Chennai Super Kings ahead of Bangalore Royal Challengers. 

Few Strategies that Fleming & Raina can Use
1. Bring Jakati for the third seamer. In this season, spinners had made a bigger impact than the faster bowlers
2. Send Albie at No:3. Albie is a kind of player who will hit big shots only after settling in. It would be good for him to get some match practice. So that he is ready for the bigger matches at the latter stages of the tournament. 

Do you have any other strategy that Fleming & Raina should use in the match against Bangalore Royal Challengers? Post them in the comments


Murali said...

This Murali Vijay suppose to be a specialist batsman..and when he took that catch on the superover he threw the ball in such a frustration. Sir wish you had scored atleast 10 of 10 probably we would not have gone to the superover at all.

Yeskay said...
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Yeskay said...

I cant imagine..what the poor souls in scores would have felt in the Stadium, heartbroken. Cheeka omg..whenever he seemed overconfident of a victory..CSk has crashed badly.

IT was shameful say the least, at times makes u cringe so much that u feel..CSK is not of the same pedigree MI and RCB are.

And all the talk of csK strong on batting blew on its face, I still believe CSK 's bowling has always done better than wats expected, even in the match against DD.

At o0ne Stage they would have raced to 200.

And why are we hell bent on taking 3 seamers, why cant we just take Jakati, slow bowlers have bowled really well and plus we dont have the likes of a Steyn or Malinga.

Goni is the best recipe for hara kiri.

And now MSD's absence seems so crucial. Noway we would have lost yday if he were there.

Till he comes we are one big batsman short, and more importantly one who can finish it off.

Raina should stick to No4, where he can stay till end and finish esp while chasing.

I am lookin fwd to get the specialist fast bowler Douggie in plc of Kemp..and hes in a raging form.

And Morkel should bat up for once.

Not too sure about other changes- Badani for Badri- we are a bit shorthcanged for someone who can play like Satish or Saurabh did today.(MI)

I still feel with MSD and Hussey in next week, we can be a shade better thn RCB and even MI. Mr Cricket and ODI No1 in on team is a killer combo.

It pains to feel that we missed the 2 points yesterday which was like a walk in the park and have to play out of the skins to beat MI and RCB next.

Will Kallis get out tmorrow?

Frm our side all we can do - bring Jakati for Goni and maybe even Ntini for Kemp.

Yeskay said...
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Yeskay said...

I do have a gut feeling that in many a way 'make or break game', CSK will trounce RCB.

And i love it with when ppl like sidhu and jadega get predictions wrong- which they always do these days.

Everyone seems gunning for RCB, and its such a great opp to stop the winning streak.

Law of averages too can come in to play.

And honestly RCB's batting has been heavily inspired- they have been playing better than what any1 would normally xpect of.

Kallis, Pandey hold they key.

I am not willing to take Uthappa and Virat as game changers, not on every day.

Anonymous said...

raina drop badri and vijayand pick abhinav mukund and hemang badani.they can bat better than that guys

Anonymous said...

It pains to feel that we missed the 2 points yesterday.
A small suggestion instead of Badri or murali we can use perrera the all rounder in middle order.

Siddharth said...

Bring on Thissara Perera for kemp, he can slog from ball 1....

Anonymous said...

well my point of view hayden and parthiv should be opening and then raina,bailey,albie morkel,murali vijay,badrinath,ashwin,jakati or tyagithen murali i feel this is the stable batting order for banglore royal challengers.kallis is the type of player who can hit big shots as well as cover drive perfect if tyagi bowled full length or offstump side kallis will be defnetly can't play properly kallis weak on off side play well if we win toss we should bat first and make sure parthiv should bat as like a opening batsman if not the haydos batting won't be suited against banglore royal challengers bowling.i hope our batting and bowling line up will sure defeat the bangloreans in their home ground.

Unknown said...

i dont know y they r pick badrinath and vijay y cant csk team mangment will go with badani and arun karthik , and y csk miss to get satish and vignest to csk side how can they r chennai guys now they r perfom in great to mumbai indians first they have to drop badri and vijay they both r gud for test not for t20 raina plz drop them and gony is waist to csk side better they have to drop him from squad

Siddharth said...

@ Robin,

This guy is using your blog posts as his blog contest entries, wanted to notify you.

Unknown said...

@ Siddharth,

Thanks for notifying me..