Friday, 19 March 2010

Hayden & Raina lead Chennai Super Kings to Victory

What a blitzkrieg from Hayden! It should have quietened the nerves of both CSK Management and the fans - still reeling from the shock of sudden injury to Dhoni. If anybody were questioning the impact of Mongoose bat, they just have to watch the innings of Hayden to see its potential. But the bat needs more innings from its users to establish itself. 

1. Hayden Vs Sehwag & Nannes
As discussed in the preview of this match, Sehwag did come good and Nannes did bowl well. But Haydos' innings was enough to negate the brilliance of both these players. Personally, expecting another great IPL season for Hayden. 
2. Raina, the batsman: Captaincy seemed to have brought a little maturity to Raina. It was good to see him play second-fiddle to Hayden. Once Hayden departed, he took charge and led the team to victory. Truly a Captain's Knock. 
3. Murali: Wickets of Sehwag and Dilshan were crucial as it turned a 200+ score to a 180+ score. 

1. Raina, the Captain: Nervousness & Lack of Experience as a captain clearly exhibited in Raina's performance. His poor bowling changes and field placements cost at least 20 runs for the team. But it was his negative outlook as a captain that worries me the most. Team requires Raina to learn the art of captaincy very quickly. And also it would be better if he  backs his bowlers on the field. 
2. Albie, Parthiv & Kemp; All these three batsman had a horrendous outing. If Kemp does not make use of his opportunities, I am sure Bollinger/Hussey would be drafted in his place after April 1.

Fan's Man of the Match: Hayden. (Any Doubts???)


Danesh said...

A good win! Making Murali Vijay open and Parthiv come lower down the order will bolster the batting order. Hope Kemp finds his touch soon - he seemed totally at sea today.

Unknown said...

@ Danesh,

Yes. Vijay opening makes much more sense. Both Albie & Kepm were at seas. Hope they strike form soon.

Yeskay said...

Well Am not too sure if Raina was bad..he could have used Balaji for his full quota, otherwise he was okay. And held on to 3 ctaches, played a captians role in the end.

Winning against Delhi w/o MSD is a big win!

Kemp though supposed to be a hitter, I feel can be used for bowling more than batting.

Morkel is a little offkey in bowling but I guess he is a perfect No7 or as a pinch hitter.

IS MSD back for match against RCB?

They are 1 team to beat. As I believe they are one of the contenders for Sf

Unknown said...

@ Yeskey,

MSD would be back in chennai on 21st for checking again with the doctors. But I don't expect him to play on 21st though he might be on the ground..

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...
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CSK_FOR_LIFE said...


I am sure Bollinger/Hussey would be drafted in his place after April 1.


Bollinger ?? u mean "Doug Bollinger" ? :)

Unknown said...

Kemp seems pahetic. Need to be replaced. Badani is the right man to replace kemp.

Unknown said...


Yes. CSK has signed Doug Bollinger.. Refer

Siddharth said...

Hussey must play when he comes, and Bollinger can be drafted in place of Murali if Ashwin does well.

Unknown said...


Yes. I am sure Hussey would be drafted in place of Kemp once he joins the squad. But prefer Bollinger in the place of Murali only if it is a seaming pitch... Otherwise, Murali is always a better bowler...