Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Another Disappointment Waiting?

Tomorrow Chennai Super Kings plays against another form-team Mumbai Indians led by Sachin Tendulkar. Good News First
1. Dhoni is back with the team and practiced with the team today. But Fleming was still cautious and said that the final call on his fitness would be taken tomorrow. His return as a captain and batsman would bolster the team hugely.
2. Clarity on Role: Finally VB agrees that all the players need to have more clarity on their roles in the team. Hope every player is elaborated on their roles by tomorrow's match. Otherwise we might have another Bailey-like test innings. 

CSK Probable XI:
1. Vijay/Parthiv (Based on whether Dhoni is keeping) 2. Hayden 3. Raina 4. Badri 5. Dhoni 6. Albie 7. Kemp/Bailey (Based on whether Kemp is fit) 8. Ashwin/Jakati 9. Balaji 10. Tyagi 11. Murali

MI Probable XI
1. Sachin 2. Jayasuria 3.Dhawan 4. Tiwary 5. Bravo 6. Pollard 7. Sathish 8. Tare 9. Harbhajan 10. Zaheer 11. Malinga

Most Dangerous Players
1. Tendulkar: In-form Captain is the most important batsman in the team. As Bangalore showed, taking his wicket early would greatly help in restricting Mumbai's score
2. Tiwari: This Dhoni-alike batsman has been in great form this season. Hope Murali does not allow him to free his arms and takes his wicket cheaply
3. Malinga: Whenever he has played for Mumbai, he has been in menacing form. It would be interesting to see how Hayden plays him. 

Favorites: Mumbai Indians are the stronger team on paper. But Chennai Super Kings need this win desperately. My bet is on Chennai Super Kings. 


Senthil said...

Robin... annaalum unngallukku rombha nambikka....

"My bet is on Chennai"....

U can do this if u have a team.... if u have players.... if u have a passion to win.... or atleast a positive spirit to compete with other teams....

But what we have is a CSK --> Chennai Sodhappal team... just fit for eating curd rice.... With this... not even a kid would afford to bet.

Perhaps we might win 1 or 2 matches in the future. But that will be purely based on individual performances. Not base on a team work... Sorry for using this word.. It could be used only if we have a team!!

ASWIN said...

The match on 25 csk vs mi can fall in the hands sachin if Albie and Murali is not able to pick sachin,tiwary,jayasuria quickly b4 7 overs and hayden should not fall in the hands of malinga or bravo ....

At this stage of the tournament the mumbaikars would have understand that csk is depended on individuals..

If they pick up hayden with new ball and they are not loosing their wickets to murali then the match is one sided.........

I pray to god that dhoni is back in the team if not csk should bat first .........

Thiru Cumaran said...

From the team against RCB, I'd kick out Bailey and take Thissara Perera.

senthil sabanayagam said...

Hope is a good thing to have! Hope that dhoni returns. Hope he keeps everyone cool and not become suddenly insane in last few overs of innings. Hope team management clarifies roles for players.
We need to try c ganapathy. ICL returns have been doing well this IPL season for other teams..why not try our own? heres my team: haydos

Danesh said...

Parthiv does not look confident batting at the top - takes a long time and gets out to some unwanted shots. Maybe this should be a last chance for Vijay to perform - get the innings off to a good start or get out of the playing squad forever.
Morkel's batting has been very slow too. He should come lower in the order like Senthil Sabanayagam has mentioned.
Most importantly, CSK should show some fighting spirit. In the last match, they just caved in meekly.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

My bet is on Chennai too..

have some faith guys..

we were in the same position last year..

As i thought, raina will give us 2 wins in 4 matches, before MSD takes up.

bring in perera in place of bailey..

and one more thing is.. curse our team when they dont play well in some matches.. but dont talk like you are from another city..

if you dont show the loyalty towards our team, then just shut you A** and F*** Off..
this blog is for CSK fans.. not for any other Idiots.

patrick said...

@CSK for life.

Good spirit.You stood to your display name.I like it.

Hey guys, I am writing this with great hope that CSK would pull up their socks and beat MI to show some character.Their players like Vijay, Badrinath, Ashwin, Parthiv have got the best chances to perform and be a part of the Indian team. But they have not performed so far.Raina has been disappointing as well.Balaji had been doing better than the last year.If Dhoni plays this match, there could be some credit to the batting order.

I have a batting order here.

Arun Karthik

To see off Mallinga and Zaheer

Raina (To play Harbhajan)

people who can bowl are Perera, Murali, Balaji, Raina, Morkel, Ganapathy/ Tyagi.

Please comment on this order.

CSkingspriyan said...

Fantastic batting by CSK - 182/2. But Tendulkar also batted well. This helped MI to win this game. Bad luck to CSkings. :(

Anonymous said...

The tailspin has begun..... will soon crash to the bottom of the league......into an ocean of curd rice and pickles..............

CSK -the waste management said...

sad to see CSK fans outburst...
but they really have a point could the CSK think tank be so dumb in their bowling selections..??


CSK strategy team here..
Mr.Modi can we book 11 wooden spoons for IPL please...
Modi: sure sure...I,ll book 2 more...
one 4 cheeka and one for Mr.sreenivasan....