Saturday, 27 February 2010

Key TN ICL Players Missing in CSK Squad

Who will decide the winner of IPL Season 3? Will it again be the captains like in IPL Season 1? Or a player will make a difference single-handedly? If somebody asks for my vote, I would have voted for the contingent of Indian ICL Players who will be playing in Indian Premier League for the first time.

Sudden flow of talent would have easily tilted the scales in favor of the team that signed the best ICL players. I wanted that team to be Chennai Super Kings. Especially I was expecting VB to use this opportunity to address the two key problems in the team

  1. Lack of Explosive Indian Opening Batsman
  2. Lack of a Stand-out Indian Fast/Medium Bowler

ICL Players in CSK Squad

But sadly the team has signed on Badani – A Middle Order Batsman & Ganapathy – Bowling all-rounder coming on the back of a good domestic season. But let us not kid ourself by thinking that these players would make a difference to the team. Other than being present in the team sheet, these two new signings are not expected to play any role for the team in the field.

Whom I wanted?

  1. Vignesh
  2. Kumaran

I would have expected the team to sign Vignesh, the explosive TN Opening Batsman on whose performance TN won India’s first domestic T20 event. I also expected the team to sign Kumaran, the standout performers of ICL Chennai Superstar. Sadly, Vignesh has been latched by KKR while Kumaran is not figuring in any of the team’s sheets.

Whom among Indian ICL Players did you expect Chennai Super Kings to sign?


Thiru Cumaran said...

IMO, it was a pity we didn't get Rajagopalan Satish....guy was quite good in the ICL, scoring 287 in 9 matches.

Yes, I was also disappointed that we didn't get Kemar Roach in the auction...really, CSK should've gone for the out-and-out paceman, since we don't have any fast-medium or fast bowlers others than Tyagi...only a big army of dibbly-dobblers!

Unknown said...

@ Cumaran,

Yeah. Considering that Flintoff won't be playing this IPL, the team needs atleast one fast-medium or fast-bowler..

Anonymous said...

^^^ you guys are forgetting ntini.. he can be quite pacy on his day.

Unknown said...

@ Anonymous,

Ntini has lost his pace in recent days. Now he is more about using the width of the crease intelligently rather than the fiery Ntini we know earlier.

karthik said...

yes all the friends were correct we should have bought R satish for his batting bowling and fielding performance in the ICL. Our bowling lacks pace and strength with flintoff not playing this year. Ntini can be of use but its upto the team management to pick him in the squad. Morkel and oram are definitely not going to of that much use. We may go with balaji, gony, tyagi and muralidharan. Except murali no one seems to be like an attacking bowler. As far as batsmen are concerned we have plenty of TN/Indian players apart from we have hayden and hussey. I wonder how the team management doesnt want to strengthen to maintain a good balance and to clinch the cup atleast this year. Let god be with csk.

Thiru Cumaran said...

Pity, Satish shows us why we should've taken him after he smashed 36 off 18 in the vijay hazare trophy final against Bengal! :(

Thiru Cumaran said...

Add to that, 4 catches by Satish! :((