Sunday, 28 February 2010

Changes in Chennai Super Kings Squad

The Chennai Super Kings squad for Season 3 is out. And there are quite a few surprises. 

Biggest Surprise: Chennai Super Kings Squad in the current season is a much more smaller squad compared to IPL Season 1 and Season 2. (There are only 23 players against 29 players who participated in Season 2). For the complete list of the players, please visit Chennai Super Kings Squad

IN - New Players
The new players who are brought into the team
1. Thisara Perera, the Sri-lankan all-rounder. Bought in Auction
2. Ganapathy Chandrasekhar, the bowling all-rounder from TN who had a good domestic season
3. Justin Kemp, the hard-hitting all rounder from South African who never fulfilled his potential and others' expectations in international arena. Bought in Auction
4. Hemang Badani, ICL Chennai Super Stars player who took BCCI's amnesty offer. 

OUT - Injured & Others
The players who find them self out of the squad
1. Stephen Fleming - As expected, Coach Stephen Fleming is no more a member of the player's squad. 
2. Flintoff - Still recovering from the surgery, Flintoff is unavailable for this entire IPL Season
3. Joginder Sharma - A Very Good Decision. With Balaji in the squad, I don't see him adding any value to the team
4. Anirudha Srikkanth -  Another Good Decision. Any day would prefer Mukund, Vijay and even Parthiv Patel to Srikkanth
5, 6  & 7 Napeloen Einstein, Viraj Kadbe & Abhinav Mukund: Surprisingly, the team has decided to drop all U-21 players in the team. While it is understandable that Einstein and Kadbe without any domestic experience are dropped, I am not able to comprehend the decision to drop Mukund. 
8 & 9. Vidyut & Amarnath: Vidyut and Amarnath who failed to make any lasting impressions of the ample opportunities in Season 1 and Season 2 are also axed.
10. Suresh Kumar: Suresh, TN All rounder is also dropped. 

What this means?
While 10 players would be vying for the four foreign player slots (40% Probability), only 13 Indian players would be vying for 7 Indian players slots. (54% Probability). 

Update: Detailed Analysis to Follow


Anonymous said...

"Chennai Super Kings Squad in the current season is a much more smaller squad compared to IPL Season 1 and Season 2."

I read somewhere there was a diktat from IPL to prune squad size to 23.

Unknown said...

@ Anonmyous,

Thanks for pointing it out. I did not realize it earlier. So the squad can now replace anybody in the team (without an injury like earlier dikta) with a 48 hour notice.

- Robin