Monday, 18 May 2009

We are in the semifinals!!!

With today's defeat of Rajasthan Royals, our semifinal spot is 99.99% assured. Let me illustrate how:
1. We all knew the bottom of the table teams - Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians are already out of the semifinal spots
2. With today's loss, Rajathan Royals can end up with at most 15 points which means they can never overtake Chennai Super Kings, considering their negative run rate(-0.36) with CSK's +1.02 run rate
3. Royal Challengers Bangalore are at 12 points and have 2 matches to go. Deccan Chargers are at 14 points and have a match against Royal Challengers Bangalore. This means one of these teams is going up to end at 14 points and a place below Chennai Super Kings in the points table.
So it is time to get ourself ready for the semifinals. .

Update: Sadly even Cricinfo has missed this fact..


Danesh said...

Great job illustrating the permutations and combinations!

Unknown said...

I think it is important to have some good fielding practices for the Semis!!

Anonymous said...

Well, the only way in which we could lose a semi final spot is: if we lose both our matches by a huge run difference and Rajasthan win their last match by a huge margin.

But, after having seen the first innings of todays match, Rajasthan are all but out of this tournament.

Unknown said...

@ Anonymous,

Rajasthan are not necessarily out of this.. since if we defeat Kings XI Punjab and they win their game against KKR, they will qualify for semi-finals..