Thursday, 14 May 2009

Review of the Match with Royal Challengers Bangalore

Like last year, we lost the match with Bangalore when the side was going good and closer to semifinals. Of course, this time we didn't throw it away so much like we did last year. This was a good performance from Bangalore also - Kumble bowled very well and Taylor batted sensibly.

Contrary to popular expectation, there was no testing of bench strength today with our squad. Its also quite a good idea to seal the semifinal spot with the same winning combination, and then try the bench strength after this. So, it was not too bothering that today they didn't give a chance to Ntini, Bailey, Ashwin, Karthik etc. But, then they should have won this match having played with the same combination

Things that went well:
1. Hayden's blistering form: Again, Hayden gave a great start to the innings in a not so good pitch to bat on, as we found out later when the other batsmen were struggling to score.

2. Morkel's spell: It was a great spell giving two breakthroughs front up, while giving away only 12 runs in 4 overs.

3. Other crucial wickets: Tyagi, Murali, Balaji & Oram pitched in with crucial breakthroughs to get us very close to the victory.

Things that did not go well:
1. Batting order: Dhoni, Badrinath and Morkel all need sometime in middle before they can go against the bowlers. So, this puts us in a tight corner. One gets promoted and the other two don't perform very well coming late in the innings. And like today, if the one (today Dhoni) coming up the order also fails, then we are really in a mess with only Hayden's score to fall upon. Today, I expected Morkel to come at No.4 to get some form in this tournament. Both Dhoni & Badri have come up in previous matches and have found some form. So, today Morkel was expected to come up the order. But, later we came to know that Morkel had some stomach ailment, so he bowled out his four overs and left the field. So, maybe his stomach ailment prevented him from being tried at No.4 today. Hope he comes at No.4 in the next match.

2. Poor fielding: Though, today we didn't miss any easy catches, we missed a few extra runs. Of course, Hayden missed a catch due to misjudgement, but not like the dollies we used to drop before. But, some fielders like Balaji, Tyagi etc. were late in some dives thereby gifting boundaries when they should have been saved, especially while defending such a low target. This fielding performance was duly mentioned by Dhoni as well in the post-match presentation. After the first 3 quick wickets, if the fielding and bowling were a bit better, we could have created a very good chance to defend this low total. Somehow, there was no such aggression in the field which is required when you are defending such low targets. Maybe a bit complacent that there is some breathing space to get to the semifinals spot.

3. Raina's batting: Going out to the short ball again.

4. Vijay's role: Not exactly playing the role of taking singles immediately and giving strike to the marauding Hayden. He should play like that and not throw away his wicket until atleast the end of powerplays. We could have tried with Karthik, Ashwin or Bailey today for the opening slot.

Looking forward:
Anyway, we need to correct most of these mistakes to get the better of Mumbai on saturday. Mumbai is also a very decent team, so we have to quickly correct these mistakes and get the two points to seal the semifinals spot. Then, it allows us to test our bench strength in the last two league matches before going to the semifinals. Wishing that it goes according to this script !!


vishnu said...

I feel we are very complacent that we have 3 more chances of making to semifinals. we fail to see that 20 20 is all about momentum. I don't know why dhoni gave the penultimate over to balaji, when tyagi had 2 overs left. It is also very strange that tyagi is not given a chance to finish his 4 over spells.
dhoni could have also tried Raina who bowled really well against Kings eleven. He humbled yuvraj and jayawardane's batting.
Anyway there is no point in saying that could have been done, this could have been done. I would drop Oram for the next match and bring in Bailey or even ntini for that matter. though our bowling looks ok, it would be superb if ntini comes in.
If 6 players are not going to bat, i don't think so the 7th batsman also cannot do anything.
vijay has to bat sensibly. He has to know his plus and negatives.
his +point is he is a solid player- his role must be to take singles and give it to hayden.he should understand the fact that he is not a dasher. I think so its high time morkel should be promoted in the order. I would make him play before give a chance to ntini , i would even drop murali for that matter.
possible team for the next match

Gopal said...

After a batting performance chennai did comeup with a good bowling show that was heartening. What wories is the unpredictability of balaji i guess he may be given the benifit of doubt since we donot have enough runs on board but the batsman if stuck can really give him a stick and finish the match. He must be used very carefully. I perfectly agree with vishnu.Any way it was very difficult to see the pathetic batting dispaly after having to believe that out top palyers are in "FORM" lone exception beeing Hayden.

Unknown said...

@ Vishnu & Gopal,

Dhoni is not giving Tyagi the death overs because he does n't have the experience. But today i would have prefered that he had used Raina in the middle over so that he would not have been forced to use Oram in the last overs..

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

this will be the result when u get long break from your work... whoever u r. it doesnt mean. its a bit hard to get ur ridham back.

i felt we played as a warm up game. we have 3 more left. i dont think we need to get panic on any stage.

haydos is gonna win this tournament for us for sure.

karthik said...

With these low total i think we have fought well if hayden would have got the catch the result would have been different. As all our friends said balaji should be used depending on the situation. I do know why raina has not been used. Our batting performance for the first time failed in this tournament. Anybody who is not performing upto his talent should be replaced and vijay deserves that it seems. May be we can try with vidyut once or twice. oram can be replaced by ntini atleast in one match. Let us hope we will definitely win against mumbai indians and kkr to reach semis.