Monday, 11 May 2009

Men Behind the Stage

After more than 20 days of continuous travelling and playing, Chennai Super Kings finally get a well deserved long break. So I thought it is great time to analyze the coaches who have been lucky enough to escape the media glare. Let us start with the newcomer, Venkatesh Prasad – Assistant Coach.

Venkatesh Prasad, the Under-Performer: When Venkatesh Prasad joined CSK squad, I was really excited about it. I thought Venkatesh Prasad, the coach and the mentor would add a lot of value to Chennai Super Kings bowling by his experience. I expected with Venky at helm, CSK bowlers would bowl more slow balls and more Yorkers. But sadly, I was mistaken. It took Dhoni to put pressure on CSK bowlers to bowl Yorkers and slow balls. I don’t think Venky has made any impact to the team. [Venky! It is time to show you belong in this team]

Fleming, the Silent Man: Fleming is not an Australian and it shows. It is sad that this great cricketing mind has not come up with any innovations or showed his understanding of the nuances of the T20 game. But what pains me is seeing him letting Dhoni make all those team selection mistakes. Fleming! CSK fans expect you to be a coach and not an assistant to Dhoni.

Hope both these coaches should make their presence felt more in the game.

Also with the fielding woes of Chennai Super Kings, Nate, a reader of this blog wants Chennai Super Kings to recruit Robin Singh as one of the assistant coaches with focus on fielding. CSK Fans, What do you say?


karthik said...

can anyone please tell me who is the fielding coach of csk. Bcos lot of work has to be done in this particular area. As far as venkat is concernd he has done well for team india and he will definitely do the same for csk so as robin singh has done well for team india why not for csk. Its for the team management to decide. I think they are looking at the last year results of deccan chargers where they failed miserably under the coaching of robin singh. That need not be the criteria he is a good fielder himself, hard worker and he will be a boost to the csk team. But its too late now to decide may be for the next season they may include him.

Anush said...

I am not sure if a fielding coach will make a big difference. A psychologist who can motivate the team better might do the trick.

I believe that one's fielding has a lot to do with his team spirit and how good he feels.

In one month, when the team is mostly playing and very rarely practicing, I'm not sure how much one more fielding coach would make a difference. If the team get to practice during the off season, then may be useful to add a 3rd coach. But hey, money is not an issue in IPL :). So lets bring both a psychologist and a fielding coach.

Raghav said...

wat exactly do u mean by fleming is not an australian and it shows robin?

he is a brilliant tactician.

viewers on the t.v. can hardly make out if the selection is done by dhoni or flemo.... i mean u hardly see kirsten talkin bout selection and stuff and we all know he's a big brain behind the indian team right now.

cricket is not football bro,.... captain is the king, no ferguson types here.... and pretty sure he is doing a good job, atleast doesnt have any negative effect on the team...(remember keppler wessel's "this team is pretty weak" comment???)

Raghav said...

oh and by the way congrats on the best blog at csk

Peanuts said...

Fleming is a great coach - he has brought the right attitude and spirit into the team. Given that the coach has a lot of influence over the way a team interacts, and when you compare the controversies surrounding the other coaches, we have to thank our lucky stars we have Fleming! CSK has already become a formidable opponent. Dhoni and Fleming have achieved the winning combination. Right now they have to continue with this momentum and play every game like the finals and not get lax.

Well, it feels good to be on the winning side! Watching Hayden play is pure entertainment. I am so glad Haydo is part of CSK!

Raina, Badri, Tyagi and Jakati have all proven their worth over the last few games.

Dhoni is once again becoming a favorite. But it is important Dhoni keeps his feet on the ground.

gopal said...

I do feel the comment on Flemming was a bit pre-mature considering the fact we ordinary people will never know what actually goes behind the scenes. For me the good thing about Flemming is that he has shown faith in Indian talent and that shows and guess he may build team where every body gets an opportunity.

Chennai Super Kings Fansite said...

@ Karthik,

there is no fielding coach currently.. yeah. i hope we get somebody as fielding coach for the next year. .

@ Anush,
Fielding coach is required to plan and go through the necessary fielding drills.. he is important especially during the training camp when everybody has to assess themself in the fielding department. Let us not forget catches win matches..

@ raghav,

If Fleming is an Australian, he would have pointed out the mistakes of Dhoni right on his mistake. Since he remains quiet when Dhoni makes mistakes. that is why it hurts me..

@ gopal,

If Fleming has shown faith in Indian talent, Tyagi should have been playing from the first match. Jakati or Ashwin should have playing in all the matches.. Badri should have been given No:4 ahead of Flintoff..

Anush said...

One has to agree with Robin regarding Fleming.

Dhoni did not give even one over to Ashwin or Jakati in their first matches. Not using Vijay/Tyagi/Jakati early on, persisting with Parthiv and Joginder, demoting Badri are all good examples where the team management erred. We are not pointing these mistakes out after we started winning. If you go through the blogs, these points were raised before those mistakes got corrected.

If we, causal bloggers, could spot these mistakes so early on, Fleming should have also noticed them. Either Fleming chose not to point these mistakes out to Dhoni, or Dhoni ignored his advice. We are at #2, in spite of the mistakes made by the team management, not because of their shrewdness or tactics.

CSK is overflowing with talent when compared to the other teams, and that is the reason it is at #2. I doubt if they are because of Fleming's "tactics", like Raghav said. Most CSK players sitting on the bench would make it to any team in the IPL (except may be DD).