Saturday, 23 May 2009

Get Ready for the Best Match of the Tournament!!!

All of us would accept that the last year finals was the best match of the tournament, last year. But this time around, it might be the semifinals tomorrow that would be more interesting than finals. Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings are the two favorites among the four semifinalists to win Indian Premier League this year. So expect a great match tomorrow.
CSK Playing XI:
1. Parthiv 2. Hayden 3. Raina 4. Hussey 5. Badri 6. Dhoni 7. Morkel 8. Jakati 9. Ashwin/Tyagi [Pitch conditions should decide this] 10. Balaji 11. Murali
BRC Playing XI:
1 Manish Pandey, 2 Jacques Kallis, 3 Rahul Dravid, 4 Robin Uthappa, 5 Ross Taylor, 6 Virat Kohli, 7 Mark Boucher (wk), 8 Roelof van der Merwe, 9 Praveen Kumar, 10 B Akhil, 11 Anil Kumble 

Most Dangerous Players:
  1. Kallis: His batting and bowling will determine the resistance of Royal Challengers Bangalore tomorrow
  2. Boucher: A Great Finisher. Just hoping Chennai Super Kings doesn't give him that opportunity
  3. Praveen Kumar: His bowling against the Chennai Super Kings' openers will determine the score of Chennai Super Kings. If CSK Openers are able to keep their wicket intact for the first six overs, we can surely expect a score at least 30 runs above par.
Royal Contests:
  1. Dravid Vs Murali: Dravid has not lighted up the tournament after his first IPL performance. I am sure he would be inching to prove his worth in one of the big matches.
  2. Morkel Vs Kallis: This contest between the South Africans would be interesting to watch
  3. Dhoni Vs Kumble: Dhoni, the captain would not only be matching his wits against Kumble, the captain but would also have to win the contest against Kumble, the bowler

Favorites: With Hussey coming back, Chennai Super Kings are slight favorites. But anyway it would be an interesting match to watch. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

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Danesh said...

Maybe Joginder Sharma should come in for Balaji