Saturday, 23 May 2009


A Disappointing Performance by our team. Poor Team Selection by Fleming and Dhoni. (Gony ahead of Tyagi & Ashwin and Oram ahead of Hussey). And the players proved that on the field.

So Chennai Super Kings end their IPL Campaign this year. And no Champions League for Chennai Super Kings this year. And a long one year wait for CSK Fans to see those yellow jerseys back on the field. Adios!


Unknown said...

Dhoni needs to take the blame for poor show....

I dont know why he prefers Gony...Even he didnt use to bowl Tyagi his full quota..Tyagi had just one bad match and he has sent packing and I dont know in how many matches Gony didnt perform

Balajee was the flop of the tournament...First he dont have pace and Secondly balls regular "Full Tosses"

Chennai Team lacks good Local Players...Badri is just OK.

Dhoni's Innging was pathetic

cheethu soripayale said...

I loved the look on the face of the fat faggot N. Srinivasan! He can fix almost everything but not everything.

Ashwin should have played for Gony and Ntini shouldhve been a surprise intro instead of Oram. That is what the other faggot VB Chandrasekar is paid to do instead of writing blogs about how his team went shopping and his gay fantasies in his blog such as "Dhoni, wearing designer clothes, looked very relaxed as I bumped into him a couple of times"... Keep on bumping and humping you homo.