Wednesday, 20 May 2009

CSK ruining their own chances of going to the finals?

There are plenty of people commenting on Cricinfo that MSD's decision to field a somewhat second-string side will come to bite him back as CSK will have to face Delhi if they lose today's encounter.

I think it is a very bullish and positive statement being made by MSD. Firstly, he wants to give all his boys a go so that he will be in a better position to pick the best XI for the semis and, most probably, the finals.

The second, and most important one, is that he isn't scared of taking the bull by the horns. He isn't scared of taking on Delhi in the semis and, why should he? We've got the most flexible side in the tournament and I think we can romp past any team.

As I post this, Punjab are 38/2 after 8.5 overs, needing 79 from 67 balls. A good over can do the job for Punjab, but looks like it isn't coming. :)


Viswanathan said...

I believe the changes occurred because of Hayden's injury.

Now that CSK won, it will add to the Dhoni mystique.:)

Siddharth said...

do you think mike hussey will play in the semis ?? if he does who will have to sit out ??

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

its clear jacob orab will sit out.. becoz mike hussey is also a great fileder in the deep.

but i dont know wht dhoni have in his MIND

Anonymous said...

Do you guys know when we would play our semis? Friday or Saturday?

Anonymous said...

chennai plays semi on saturday at j'burg.