Friday, 22 May 2009

CSK Ends Another Team's Semifinal Hopes

Finally a match won by bowlers!!! I am sure the team would face Royal Challengers on a high after such a win!

  1. Hussey: Mike Hussey is Back!!! I am sure he would make a vital contribution in either semifinals or finals
  2. Murali: Lynchpin of CSK Bowling has never failed to deliver.
  3. Parthiv: Good to see him among some runs in the last two matches
  4. Ashwin: Good to see Ashwin giving some competition to Jakati for the job of second spinner.

  1. Badrinath: It is sad to see that Badri has not still understood his role in the team. In the slow pitches, the team banks on him to stay till the end. Hope he understands that sooner than later.
Fan's Man of the Match: NO DOUBT, Murali

Hmm.. Now the time has come to get ready for the semifinals that Chennai Super Kings have been planning for son long.

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