Sunday, 17 May 2009

CSK Does End Mumbai's Semifinal Hopes

Chennai Super Kings does it again. Like last year, they dealt the final blow to Mumbai's hopes of making to the semi-finals. Though it was a well deserved win, there were a lot of scary moments for all CSK Fans. Thanks to Sachin's Captaincy, Chennai Super Kings romped home to a win.

  1. Haydos: With every match, this man has started amazing me more and more. Surprisingly, he is revealing a face that he never exposed during his international career. For a normal batsman, a bad day in T20 means getting out with a pathetic strike rate after eating up a lot of balls. But this man stayed even though it was one of his worst days. Led the team to victory with that final burst
  2. Murali & Balaji: While Murali kept the batsman under tight leash in the middle overs, Balaji's 19th over was a beauty
  1. Dhoni: Today it was Dhoni's turn to miss a easy stumping. Not only that, Balaji, the highest wicket taker of the team got to bowl only 2 overs
  2. Opening Woes: Still we have not found a solution to Hayden's Opening Partner Issue. It was sad to see Parthiv getting out on a duck. But atleast good to know that he would get 2 more matches to prove himself before the team resorting to Vijay again.
Who won the Contest?
  1. Murali Vs Tendulkar: Before Tendulkar can become his destructive best, Raina got him out. Tie
  2. Nayar Vs Balaji: Th0ugh Nayar did belt Balaji in his first over, Balaji did keep him under tight lease in his second over. Tie
  3. Hayden Vs Malinga: Though Haydos did n't take on Malinga, most importantly he did n't lose his wicket. Haydos - Clear Winner
Fan's Man of the Match:
  1. No doubt, Hayden was the clear winner.
One more win and we would have officially booked our semifinal berth. Hope Chennai Super Kings does that with class against Kings XI Punjab.

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