Sunday, 10 May 2009

Chennai Super Kings Vs Rajasthan Royals - Match Review

Another interesting game when Chennai Super Kings won the game easily after giving its fans a few scary moments. Badri and Hayden batted beautifully after CSK bowlers restricted Rajasthan Royals to a par score.

  1. Hayden, the Mentor: The best thing about today's batting was the regular chit-chat that Hayden had with Badri. I am sure the wisdom shared by Hayden did a lot of good for Badri.
  2. Badri the Finisher: It was great to see Badri taking the initiative and finishing the game on his own. This clearly reflects how the domestic players are benefitting from the experience of their senior pros and grow in their cricketing career
  3. Improved Fielding: Though we are still missing catches, we are improving our fielding every match. Remember today we were successfully able to effect a run-out.. :D
  1. Tyagi Deseves Atleast 3 Overs: A Bowler who bowls well match after match deserves atleast the opportunity once to complete his full quota of overs. Dhoni! Please give Tyagi a chance to bowl the entire quota
  2. Vijay Still Not Understanding His Role: Even today, Vijay was hell-bent on attacking rather than playing as per the game dictates. Hope he understands his role sooner than latter.
Fan's Man of the Match: No Doubts, Badri

Chennai plays its next match after a well deserved four day break. I am sure the team would be rejuventated and raring to go after the break. [And also some much needed time to work on the fielding drills]


Anush said...

I'm glad you call spade a spade in your blogs. Most fans and commentators seem to praise Dhoni through the roof, ignoring many of his missteps.

His team selection was quite questionable in the first few games. He has routinely under-bowled domestic players (Ashwin, Jakati didn't bowl an over in their first matches). Almost derailed Badri's career by making him bat at No. 7. Persisted with under-performers like Parthiv and Gony.

Now, Tyagi continues to bowl only 2 overs (and he does it for under 6 an over). Balaji today got only 3 overs, even though his run-rate was below 5, while 4 overs from Oram/Morkel combo went for over 8 an over.

That said, Dhoni did correct most of his earlier mistakes, and did few right things like bowling Raina at the right time. But, I wouldn't compare his captaincy to Warne's, like what the commentators repeatedly say. Warne seem to unearth all the raw talents, and his team continues to over-perform.

Bailey/Nitni instead of Morkel/Oram. What say?

Gopal said...

A good win for CSK under tricky conditions. The batiing by Hayden and Badri was excellent. They finished the game had they not it would havve been difficult for other batsmen as they ahd taken time to settle down which was basically the reason for the down fall of RR. All in all it was a great show and enjoyed every bit. I have a feeling the team is set and CSK should experiment only after assuring themselves of semifinal spot. I definitly like Nitni to play but Oram and Morkel are doing absolutely fine they bring stability to the lineup. No doubt Dhoni is a good captain he is doing all the right things but he has to show some more faith on the young talent in the team.

Robin said...

@ Anush,

I would prefer Morkel and Oram any day to Bailey and Ntini... Oram and Morkel with their all round skills add more to the side than Ntini and Bailey can do. But i do believe Ntini deserves a few matches on field. I am sure he will get a few towards the end with CSK booking a slot in the semi-finals..

@ Gopal,

That is right. He has to show more belief in the youngsters who are performing..

Danesh said...

The format of the post is good especially the fan of the match section. Please continue to use this format for all match reviews

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

AGAIN IT IS HAYDEN.. dont know y. but all of sudden i started loving this man. now am waching his videos in youtube.

in an interview he said, "there is no bowler in this world will trouble me".. just see how much cofidence he got himself.

i dont think he will fail. its very rare seeing him fail that too with this kind of attitude.

badri proved himself what he can do if he got an oppurtunity...

now its more or less sure we are into the semis. thats enough as of now.

அப்புறம் கதைய அப்புறம் பாப்போம்.. team selection பத்தி எல்லாம் மத்தவங்க பேசட்டும்.. நாம வெற்றியை கொண்டாடுவோம் :)

சென்னை சூப்பர் கிங்க்ஸ் கு விசில் போடு.. :)

Robin said...

@ Danesh,

Thanks for the feedback.. Will continue with Fan's Man of the Match Section...

@ praveen,
Yeah.. I have also started liking Hayden a lot.. He is hell-bent on proving a point and winning the IPL for his team.. Great to have him as a part of CSK Team..

Nate said...

Is Robin Singh coaching any side this IPL? He was the coach of DC before being replaced by Darrren Leahman. What's the hope of getting him to training our CSK boys? I am sure, he is hoping for a callup from KKR or CSK sooner or later.

Robin, you should reiterate this in your blog as a separate topic and hope VB or MS will take a cue out of it as they have done before for Tyagi and Vijay.

Anush said...

@ Robin

On paper Morkel/Oram combo is better than Bailey/Nitni. But on the field, I don't see any sort of enthusiasm from Morkel or Oram. They seem to be pretty low on motivation.

Anonymous said...


it would be nice if badrinath & balaji can be replaced by new talented young guys...they might be better than the best...for example manish pandey,virat kolhi,kamran khan,praveen kumar,zaheer who are consistently proving themselves to keep them with in the team.hope this will be done.