Friday, 8 May 2009

Chennai Super Kings Vs Kings XI Punjab - Match Review

Another thriller where CSK erred in its fielding and team selection. But thanks to the knock by Haydos and some fine death bowling by Raina & Balaji, Chennai Super Kings managed to romp through. Kings XI Punbaj! You surely exceeded my expectations and thanks for pushing Chennai Super Kings to the limit. Experience of winning these thrillers would do a lot of good for Chennai Super Kings.

  1. Haydos Deserves Orange Cap: Today he clearly showed to the world why he has that orange cup firmly placed in his head. An explosive innings that really made the difference between the two teams.
  2. Dhoni, the Hitter: It seems the time spent on the pitch in the last match has done a lot of good for Dhoni. Was nice to see him hitting the balls right from Ball One.
  3. Balaji, Death Over Specialist: Though he might not be a great bowler, he showed that he can handle pressure. I am sure his role would be critical in all those thrillers we would be playing.
  4. Raina, the Bowler: Great Two Overs! The Overs that ultimately won the match for Chennai Super Kings.
  1. Pathetic Team Selection: Badrinath as Opener???? Fleming, Are you Kidding me??? Yeah! With the talent Badrinath possess, he might come good as an opener in a few matches. But I am sure in the long run Vijay would prove himself to be a better choice. Even with the current XI, I would have prefered Bailey rather than Badri. Hope Fleming never repeat this stupid mistake. If you need an extra bowler, pick Ntini (for that matter even Joginder) or not the poor Gony who has proved that South African Conditions not suit his bowling.
  2. Worst Fielding IPL Team?: Chennai Super Kings' fielding woes continues. Gony dropped a sitter. Jakati blocked Murali from catching. Balaji missed out the easiest of run-out chances. VB, Chennai Super Kings need a fielding coach! Time to get our own Robin Singh???
  3. Tyagi Deserves 4 Overs: Yeah! Bringing Raina in the death overs was a master stroke by Dhoni. But why he is not giving the full quota to Tyagi who was bowling well in the first overs. It has become a habit for Dhoni. Tyagi might not be a good death bowler but he surely deserves the chance to bowl his entire quota
Fan's MAN OF THE MATCH: No Doubts! Hayden deserved it.

Our next match is against Rajasthan Royals. If we don't clean up our fielding woes, Rajasthan Royals will clean us up. [If you let Yusuf once like today, never even expect to win the match]


சரண் said...

Nice review. Its a great win. I 100% agree with the thoughts about Tyagi. Poor guy did not get his full quota of overs in all the matches so for even after the wonderful first spell. I wish Dhoni has little bit more trust on his young and new team members. He should be making sure not to discourage them.

PS: Please remove the word verification for comments. Its doesn't serve any purpose.

Anonymous said...

Good review of the match. After seeing the match I had some uneasy feeling about the whole thing. Why was Yuvraj so uninterested about the final overs guess he didnot want to loose the wicket and open the flood gates but the way he toyed with the chennai bowlers defies logic. Or he may be waiting for the next chance when he is likely to have bret lee and give chennai a thrashing of a life time. What is surprising is they lost the match with 7 wickets to spare. The way Punjab went about the run chase must be giving flemming some concern- few risky shots and all clean hits. And why on earth is Gony so casual? No doubt chennai are trying to look professional by not showing emotions but one cannot accept casualness as euphemism for a professional attitude. Most may not agree but this was a match chennai deserved to loose.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

GUYS....! i missed the match :(((

but what a match to miss.. i really really feel bad for that... had some very importtant work.. but by reading in cricinfo and seeing the text commentry there i think dhoni and hayden banged them... but punjab gave a bit of scare for us...

what abt sreeshant's attitude.. i saw that in todays news...

Unknown said...

I think it is end of the road in IPL2 for Gony. His bowling was not that bad, but his fielding, especially catching was worse than a high school boy playing cricket on the streets!!

I too was eager to see Ntini in action. But alas! we saw a non-contributing (not his fault) George Bailey.

I was impressed by Hayden's nerves of steel against a loose tongue Sreesanth. Although the mallu boy got his man, the damage was really really huge. Way to go Haydos!!

Another run-out missed...

I did have a headache at the end of the match due to the close encounter!

But I did go to bed in peace thinking we would see Mike Hussey in action for the Semi Finals!

karthik said...

wow what a thirilling match. thenks to the poor fielding effort by gony and co otherwise it would have been not this much thrilling. Why they have got bailey in ( is he a allrounder or batsman) ofrourse he has not got any chance to display. I thnk csk management is trying to accomodate hussey thats why they are altering the opening pair which was good in the previous matches. Better they can bring ntini in place of oram. Tyagi should be allowed to bowl his third over since he is sharing the opening overs very well with morkel. within powerplay they can try once murali. luckily we won yesterday just bcos of the mighty score by hayden and msd. Fielding has to be improved definitely.

Unknown said...

@ surya,
word verification is a automated process that blogger has to prevent computers from spamming the comments.. I can't do anything about it..

@ Anonmyous,
yeah true.. if we have lost the match, it would not have been unjust.. But thanks to Raina's overs, we were saved..

@ Praveen,
I don't know why but Haydos seems to be going after Sreesanth.. Especially after the exchange of words in the middle after Hayden's wicket..

@ Chopper,
Yeah.. It would be reassuring to see Hussey in the finals and semi-finals.

@ karthik,
Bailey was got in to strengthen batting as Dhoni thinks it is our batting that will matches.. [Me: No Comments]