Sunday, 3 May 2009

Chennai Super Kings Vs Delhi Daredevils - Match Review

Thanks to Jakati, Chennai Super Kings notched up a second win in a trout. Batting was led by Hayden, Raina and Badri and the spinners made their impact felt in the match. And I am sure the team has enhanced its chance of winning a few more matches in the trout.

  1. Finally a Team: Finally we have started playing like a team rather than as 11 individuals. Even with a low score to defend, the team believed it can win this match and Dhoni marshalled his troops well while bowling. Raina's catch set the momentum and the entire team responded beautifully. It was also nice to see Dhoni getting more praoctive. But still there is a huge improvment possible in the fielding of the team.
  2. No Passengers: Finally the team is not carrying any more passengers. But Oram and Vijay are yet to prove their worth to the team.
  3. Jakati: Who would have expected Jakati to be the man leading the team in the victory?But he did it. Hope he keeps his feet on ground and come up with more such performance.
  4. Tyagi: As I have been always saying, Tyagi deserved a chance and he has proved his potential. With more matches in South Africa, I am sure he is bound to get better with every match
  5. Badri & Raina: Badri and Raina combined beautifully one more time. But atleast one of them should have stayed till the end
  6. Murali: Another Great bowling performance. To me, it was his 17th over that turned the match around. Hope to see much more great performance from the spin wizard.
  1. Vijay: It was sad to see Vijay not understanding his role in the team. Hope Fleming spends some time with Vijay and explains his role - He is expected to stay for the first 6-8 overs with a strike rate of more than 80% and leave the responsibility of power hitting to Hayden. Vijay! We expect a better performance next time around.
  2. Badri: Hope Badri stops underestimate himself. With his dismissal, the team lost its chance of reaching a 190+ score. Hope he understands his real value. Hope he understands that when he is set, he is a better batsman than any other power hitter who might come next.
  3. Morkel & Oram: Both have not yet got the real opportunity to set up a win for CSK. Hope they get going when the team needs themthe most.

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Raghav said...

yo, robin... nice analysis yet again., thought bout entering the blogging contest at csk website????

Unknown said...

@ Raghav,

was thinking about it.. have not yet decided about it..

- Robin