Sunday, 3 May 2009

Check Out Sports Pundit Fantasy IPL - CSK Fansite Sponsor

Hope most of you would be already playing one fantasy league or other. And for fantasy sports buff, it gives greater pleasure when we defeat our friends and colleagues in the fantasy sports and show to them that we understand sports better than everybody else. So it gives me great pleasure to introduce new Fantasy IPL Started by Sports Pundit, a sponsor for CSK Fan site.

About Sports Pundit:

Unlike other sports website, it would be the users, who decide what will be written in and in which direction will develop

Anyone can contribute from scratch. Just by creating an account you're allowed to submit articles for publishing in Sports Pundit. Once you've gained recognition as a serious user with quality input your status would be upgraded so that you can also add players and teams. And, if you continue to perform, they will grant you pundit status and the opportunity to take charge of content development for your favorite team or local league. By joining, you have the opportunity to develop on a professional level.

Cricket at Sports Pundit:

Cricket is one of the sports that has been focusing for quite some time. Check out their Cricket News and Cricket Review. As I mentioned earlier, do check out their Fantasy Cricket.

About IPL Fantasy Cricket:

What is unique about this Fantasy Cricket is that you will be able to choose your own management style which will enhance your profile. You will be able to choose from 35 participating players where you will have to select four bowlers, five batsmen, one wicketkeeper and one all rounder. You can have the option of using the lucky dip where Sports Pundit will select the best team for you or use your own cricketing knowledge to select your Fantasy Cricket team. During the 5 week period you will be able to make 6 transfers a week and no transfer cannot be taken forward to the next week. Transfer will have to be made by 12:00GMT by each match day, the players that have been selected before the cut off time will be eligible to play and earn you fantasy points. Points will be given on how many runs have been scored, how many wickets have been taken and additional points on the overall performance of the team whether they win or lose.

Every member will be entered into the world league but you also have the chance of joining up to 10 mini leagues. With all the mini leagues that have at least 5 teams there will qualify for the league of league champions and the league with the highest scored will be deemed the winner.

The most important is the prize in the Indian Premier league Fantasy Cricket where the winner of the Indian Premier League Fantasy Cricket league will win a trip for two at the Twenty20 World Cup, there will also be weekly prizes where the 3 highest scoring managers will win official cricket shirts from there favorite IPL team.

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Kindda liked it.. joined it too.. was worth a read. !