Sunday, 24 May 2009

Big let down !!!

If CSK had lost the match due to something like a Gilchrist blitzkreig of the 1st semifinal, then I would not have been disappointed. Even if they had lost like last year's IPL final against Rajasthan Royals, then I would not have felt let down like this. But, right from selection to execution, everything disappointed in this crucial game.

Selecting Oram despite his poor show in both bat and ball, beats the fans' thinking in every match. Ntini could have been tried in his place in previous matches. Or maybe Hussey or Thushara could have been tried today. Any choice would have been better than Oram. Maybe kiwi coach Fleming is the reason for persisting with Oram?

Selecting Gony despite his poor show with bowling and fielding throughout the league stage is also a blunder. Tyagi performed very well except one match and should have been selected today.

Dhoni coming up the batting order despite Raina and Badrinath performing well in the 3rd and 4th spots respectively during the league stage, is another mistake. Dhoni takes too much time to settle and many times fails when he has to accelerate. When he keeps repeating this mistake, one is inclined to think that he is putting his interest above the team's interest.

The strategy to bank on a few star performances, like Dhoni believes, is quite weak when compared to a collective team effort like Bangalore's, where the total result is much above the sum of the individuals. Also during crunch situations in the field, I feel that Dhoni is sometimes becoming a bit too cool when trying to maintain his cool appearance, even at the expense of losing.

When such unfathomable selections are made, even some kind of slight match fixing by the IPL organizing team to create the fantastic drama / script of getting the last year's bottom placed team to this year's finals, does not seem very remote. If there are no good explanations from the team management soon about the selection blunders, then one would tend to think so.

Generally, being a fan is quite a helpless situation as you cannot do anything about your team's performances. It becomes even more pointless when your team makes some really unfathomable decisions. Then, you as a fan are simply not able to follow your team, and subsequently cannot be one. I definitely feel that way now.


Anush said...

Well said. Its not the loss, but the way CSK managed to lose that bothers its fans.

Today's team and batting order looked a lot like the ones that played the first few matches, where it lost.

Ashwin bowled at 3.25 runs per over, picks up 2 wickets. Not good enough. No chance for Ntini. No room for Hussey. Instead, Dhoni went with Gony/Oram. Favouritsm could be displayed more openly.

In fact, deep down I wanted RCB to win when I saw the team selection. A team where all Chennai batsment put together played just one ball, and Chennai bowlers bowled two overs, cannot be called "Chennai" Superkings.

I wish Badri/Vijay/Ashwin get bought by R.Royals where they can flourish under Warne.

Viswanathan said...

I agree with what you have said about Dhoni and his captaincy.

I disagree with Anush slightly in the sense that I wish Dhoni is traded for Dinesh Karthik.

Not only do we get our Chennai boy back we also get one who can be groomed for the CSK captaincy. (Remember, Karthik was once regarded as captaincy material.)

hari said...

Clearly shows that ONI'S spoiled the show ( DHONI anD GONI). How on earth can they pick GONI in Semi finals.Does show the decision are clearly inclined - ( Parthiv instead of Vijay,( though parthiv failed miserably in most innings, GONY for Tyagi).

Tyagi brought some back bone to chennai opening bowling -with bounce and pace.
Ashwin too was good.

queen of Blunder as u mention, with 60/1 - dhoni coming in is a speed breaker- blessing in disguise for Bang ( slower than dravid). Pathetic thing is he hasnt tried for single big shot except his wicket shot.

Through out tournament - Morket and ORAM were given few balls in slog overs. Even wen CSK made it to finals - they didnt allow both to work on their batting.

Kumble has the passion for banglore.
Yuvraj for punjaab.
Sachin for Mumbai
Dhoni for ADS.He doesnt feel fire as chennaite .

Require a change in Captaincy.

Anonymous said...

Next year KKR are going to be finalists!

gopal said...

I just dont wont to give up on the team, but they are bringing the fans to breaking point. I am thoroughly disappointed with Dhoni- Mr. Dhoni if you may ever get to read this comment-When you play for CSK especially as captain you PLAY FOR CSK and not as the captain of the Indian team if you cannot make this distinction / feeling difficult to do so and cannot identify yourself with the team get the hell out of here. We do not want to see your frivolous attitude disguised as calmness. If you think captaincy of the Indian team is more important fine with us and wish you all success and as Indians there is nothing more glorious than to see our country win. But sorry this kind of attitude will not get you far and you will pay the price. T20 championships are not far away and you will be judged. For us fans CSK is dear to our heart as it reminds us our own small teams we play in streets and the endless discussion we have about how our dream team should be. SO DONT MESS WITH CSK. CSK IS OUR DREAM TEAM.

Srini said...

The team overachieved. I was more looking at 5th or 6th place looking at this bowling line up. Ashwin played one good game but that is not enough for a place in SF.

Final XI confused me too. Is tyagi injured? Otherwise I see no point in playing Goni instead of tyagi. If Goni was chosen for his batting powress over tyagi, then it is a ridiculous selection. If top 6 cannot get the runs, dont expect bottom 4 to.

About Oram, Less said the better. Hopefully he will come back strong next season.

And Mr Modi, you knew all along there would be 3 IPL teams in champions trophy. You have plans of having a 3rd place play off from next year. Why the hell did you not do it this year.

Unknown said...

I think the team composition is the main reason for the poor show put up by our team this year.If we look back our team last year when the big guns like Hayden and Hussey departed after first few matches it was the good show put up by our domestic players which brought us to the Final unlike this time.In this years team you could easily take out few stake players in almost every match.Ashwin was selected in one of the league matches but he was not allowed to blow even a single over...Jakati didn't bolw a single over in one of the match and so on.
The overseas players should be utilised to the full extent if at all we want to win,but we will have Oram in our playing eleven but he will not get a chance to bolw a single ball.I think we should have utilised him to the full extent... he could have done better job than our local lad Balaji in the slog overs.
We had Ntini,the local boy in our squad but the oppurtunity was not given to him...Dhoni should not comment that our bowling is the weak link in all the post match discussion...if he thinks so then he should have strenghtened the bowling department with avilable overseas talents.....but he failed miserably......
We should have included Hussey as a surprise package and he should have opened the batting with Hayden in the Semifinal followed by Raina,Morkle,Badri,Dhoni and the rest.
The ideal playing eleven for the Semifinal should have been 1.Hayden 2.Hussey3.Raina4.Morkle5.Badrinath6.Dhoni7.Parthiv8.Jakati9.Tyagi10.Murali11.Balaji

Senthil said...

Words are not enough to describe how awkward we felt when on seeing our team lose out. We committed N - number of mistakes. Wat is more perplexing is the way we lost. There was not even one moment when we could have thought the match was in our hands. We were beaten comprehensively in all the departments: toss, batting, bowling, fielding, captaining & team selection.

If we really analyze, I didn’t understand the role of many players. For example, what is the role of
Badri - Is he a pinch hitter or a batman who needs to keep his wicket ?
Oram- No doubt; he was a all-rounder; But now wat is his role? A Fielder (many matches he was not allowed to either bat or bowl); Or a pinch hitter or a death bowler ? No one understood his role!!
Balaji- Was he meant for taking wickets or for trying to reduce runrate ?

& last but not least

Dhoni- ( I don’t want to complain him as I still have lot of respect for him…) Somehow he never understood the bench strength in this edition of IPL.

True fan

Senthil said...

If I would like to summarize CSK’s IPL , it’s a mixed baggage. Few winners, mostly moderate success, some failures & many unfortunates to miss matches.

CSK toppers :
- S Raina … He has developed into a perfect 20 – 20 guy. Good all-round show.
The way he started to bat, field & at the end bowl was a revelation.
- M Hayden … Orange cap holder!! What a commitment. True CSK champion. Unfortunately too much rest made him to look rusty during the semis
- M Murali….. What a way he bowled during last 2 matches. Only inspiring bowler in the squad. But sometimes his fielding (dropping catches) was a let down. Normally u don’t expect that from a brilliant fielder.
- S Tyagi …. Was really good. Has got long way to go. But got injured at the wrong time.

Moderate Success :
- MS Dhoni…. Sometimes good with bat. Mostly average. But u cant ignore him. He played all the matches. Probably he should have got rest than Haydos or Morkel !!
- S Badri… Scratchy throughout. But he had his share of success in 2 or 3. Not that bad.
- A Morkel…. In this IPL he proved that he is a better bowler. He got consistent wickets. But in batting, not upto his tag – Big hitter; Very few sixes in his kitty.
- P Patel …. How many ducks ? But made a strong comeback in the 2nd half. But somehow he needs to improve both the way he bats as well the way he fileds/keeps.
- G Bailey…. O.k with bat. Livewire during fielding!!
- R Ashwin… Played 2 matches only. Got only 1 match to show off his skills. Utilized it well.
He needs to get more chances. A good all-rounder option.

Moderate failures :
- Vijay…. Srikanth’s favorite batsman. Eventhough solid, he needs to adapt to 20 – 20 fast.
Still he could be given more chances.
- Balaji…. Surely 20 – 20 is not for bowlers. But still he has not fully fired. We want the Balaji which we saw during the Pakistan series. He needs to improve a lot both in bowling as well as fielding.
- J Oram…. Never was his role defined. Neither captain nor fans nor he himself understood
Why he was playing. Needs to do something different in the next IPL. But he was the only guy to take few good catches.
- Thushara …. He was taken as all-rounder. But he never displayed it.

Their were few complete failures :

- A Flintoff…. Worst start to his IPL stint. But hope he bounces back strong during next IPL.
- M Goni……..Very very bad in bowling & miserable in fielding!
- Joginder sharma……What was Srini thinking when he was buying him? No one will take
him in any other team.

Missouts :

- M.Ntini……. Why was he never given ball. Perplexing!!
- M.Hussey…. Fans were eager to see Hussey during semis…..
- There were few who were sent back to India which includes Vidyut (good opening
batsman) & satish/suresh kumar (not sure about his name) who are good hitters & have
saved team TN.

IPL was indeed pretty good & CSK did play well in many matches. But its bowling which needs to be tightened a lot followed by fielding. For me it looks exactly like the Indian team under
S Ganguly. To transform it to current Indian team we need to take someone who might bring in the killing effect of Y.Pathan (power hitting) / Malinga kind of bowler (the Yorker stuff for death bowling).

We have indeed improved from last season. But others have re-grouped even better. So its high time that we re-think all the options.

Keep Improving!! Keep innovating!!! Have passion for the city & sports!!!

True fan

karthik said...

as all our fan friends were quoting tne main reason for the dismal performance of team csk was because of poor team selection. If Hayden and Hussey opened followed by raina, badri, morkel and dhoni things would have been entirely different. But dhoni seems to be less confident with the bench strength apart from giving plenty of chances to oram, goni and parthiv. Coach and the selection panel to be blamed for the poor performance. Hope atleast next season they will overcome this and form a better team or include some good bowling options ( may be a fresh local lad also can do a better job if given proper training) If we see csk's bowling dept no one seems to be attacking except murali ( all others medium pace bowlers) we had ntini with us but i wonder why dhoni did not use him for a single match. Atleast we the fans of csk team expect open clarifications from mr. ms dhoni for his preferences over some players. If this is going to continue then we may lose interest with the csk team

Anonymous said...

Dhoni,Dhoni, Dhoni, I've given up already, Bangalore really played well but when compared to CSK with the right line up, I am sure there is no chance for them, RCB were the underdogs this tournament, Dhoni and Fleming, Man!! What were they trying to do??? experiment in the Semis, they almost got knocked out last year because of RCB ad they still didn't get it didn't they?? I can't understand why Dhoni blames his bowling when he has one of the top class bowlers in he world sitting and clowning around in the bench and besides, he and Fleming needs to be kicked out of CSK, they should have won it, they had everything, the right players in the bench and am not sure what was playing in the Captains mind, Probably he thought a real cricket game is like another ad, he should go back and do some more ads and not come back and captain for CSK, they need to get a better captain if he chooses to go with the wrong squad against RCB. Look at RCB, they just kicked us out and Dhoni needs a kick on his backside for not using his no good upside down brains and leaving Hussey and Ntini in the bench that would have made CSK really strong. You can understand CSK loosing to DC if Gichrist fires on that day but not with RCB, Dhoni needs to pull up his socks and walk out next year with the right attitude to win the game and not keep top players in the bench when we are a real strong team, other ways I would like to say this(Sorry to all the Dhoni Fans but CSK is really dear to me and Dhoni and Fleming let us down) Dhoni needs to find another team or he should just get out, and Mr Kiwi, needs to go back home to NZ have a cup of Coffee and watch cricket, or watch some of his own match winning performances IN THE PAST on TV to keep him occupied, he needs to go back home as CSK is not something to play or toy around with, this is serious stuff.


Shaun said...

Tough day for chennai but delhi is rightly in champions league as league toppers should have some advantage

bharath said...

kindly change chennai super kings as dhoni super king
chennai is there only in the name but not in the team ..... kindly shift the base to jamshedpur or ranchi ..... And i think TN players will get more respect in others team than in csk ... one example is dinesh karthik .....