Thursday, 23 April 2009

What Went Wrong?

We have lost 2 out of 3 matches. While a lot of fans may give a lot of excuses like we were unlucky to meet the top teams in our first three matches, we played well but lost, etc. I don't accept any of them. With the potential this team has, it should have won both the games easily. But first let us see what went wrong:
  1. Pathetic Team Selection: Murali did not play in the first match; Ashwin never bowled though he played the match; Joginder Sharma still plays for CSK.
  2. Utilizing the Players Foolishly: If Flintoff is our strike bowler, why is he bowling at the death. Why Badri is playing lower down the order? Why is Dhoni going higher up in the order always? Why is Parthiv preferred over Vijay? Why is Balaji - a fine death bowler not utilized at the death overs?
  3. Defensive Mindset: A Lot of times, it seems the team plays with a very defensive mindset. CSK should not forget that they hvae promised the fans that they would be "Fearless Entertainers who play to win'
Thanks to Hayden, we lost both the matches with pride. But if not for Hayden, the opposition teams would have annihilated us. Hope some wisdom prevails and Fleming & Dhoni get their act together.

First Things First
  • Ask Morkel not to rest on his last year laurels and start performing again
  • Send Badrinath at No:4
  • Let Dhoni come in at No: 6 or at No:7
  • Open the bowling attack with Flintoff & Gony
  • Give Tyagi a chance ahead of Joginder Sharma
  • Use Balaji as a death bowler
  • Bring Vijay in the place of Parthiv Patel

Hope somebody in the team listens to the fans. Otherwise, we will be watching Deccan Chargers repeat of the last season i.e. pre tournament favorites ending in the bottom of the table.

What do you think went wrong? What do you think should be done to rectify the situation?

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rs said...

Agree with most of the things you have said. They scored 50+ runs in 3 overs -- is Prasad not having an effect?

Thiru Cumaran said...

There are a number of issues...
1. Badri is way too low @ no.7. He should be coming in at 4, when he has time to build the innings and keep the scoreboard ticking

2. Flintoff is, in all truthfulness, a bowler. He can be, at the heights of optimisim, be considered as a bowler who can bat a bit (perhaps like Gony). He should be batting at no higher than no.7

3. Albie just doesn't seem to be smacking the sixes, not even during last season. Just don't know why! Perhaps Oram would be a better bet as he is a good bowler and is an equally competent batsman who can rebuild an innings as well as propel it.

Thiru Cumaran said...

I'd also be interested in writing for this blog...please let me know how I can email is

Raghav said...

robin, spot on man....defensive mindset is wat did us in i guess... if gony can come in and try to smack a six of the first ball he faces(he suceeded well too), morkel shud atleast try to clear to boundary at stage wen we require 29 runs of 18 balls, 2 big hits and we cud hav won it, badri is equally to blame,... never tried doing it either... we scored 5 runs of salvi's over at the stage... sad, kudos to hayden.. wat a guy!!!!

Raghav said...

besides the team played with no heart... delhi on the other hand was energetic both in their fielding and running between the wickets, we were 'strolling' (word used by the commentator) when we needed only 8 an over... over all u know, CSK gave the impression of being lethargic and not really caring about the results.... the good thing from all this is ..... it was a lacklusture performance, but we still scored 180.... let's hope the team get's its act together...

karthik said...

There is some problem in our team. There is no aggressive in our team fielding. Dhoni just stand behind stumps. yesterday what a wonderful job by warne...(he done good job against KKR. he went all over the field.). I think in our team we have some problem. yesterday our attitude is very bad.

Remove patel bring vijay or anyone
remove jogindar bring arun karthik (he is all rounder or aswin)

Chennai Super Kings Fansite said...

@ rs,

Yeah.. I have to agree, Venky is not having the effect i expected out of him..

@ Cricket Tragic,

Agree with your points 1&2. But still believe that Albie is a better bet than Oram...

Would love to have your blogging here..

@ raghav,
yeah.. either the team is over confident or Dhoni is not providing inspiration..

@ vijay,
Agree Dhoni & Fleming should provide a inspiration even if all are professional players..