Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Suggestions for Dhoni and Co.

Chennai faces its second do or die battle in the tournament. If it loses one more match in a trout, all the critics and fans would write them off. To prevent that from happening, the team have to win the next match and that too by a huge margin. So just thought of suggesting the few things that are staring at Dhoni's face and the facts that Dhoni chooses to ignore.

  1. This is not an Indian Team: Dhoni still thinks that he is captaining an Indian team. Wake Up! Dhoni this is not an Indian team and this team requires your entire man management skills. Unlike last year, when everybody in the team were saying nice things about Dhoni, I am not hearing any thing this year. What Happened? Time to introspect?
  2. You are our Pinch Hitter and Not our Anchor: Unlike Indian team, the batting role of Dhoni in Chennai Super Kings is not of sheet anchor but of a pinch hitter. A person who comes in the end and belts the opposition bowling to all sides of the park. CSK Management paid 1.5 million USD for Dhoni, the batsman who annihilate the bowlers and not for Dhoni, the Test batsman. Remember you are Yusuf Pathan of CSK and not Rahul Dravid of CSK.
  3. Pick the best XI: Even after 3 losses, Dhoni has been very reluctant to change the non-performing players. First things first, remove Parthiv and Joginder Sharma off the squad.
  4. Spinners Game: Rather than repeating the same old cliche that our bowlers failed us, think why the bowlers failed you. Is it because you and the coach have not yet understood the south african pitches and have not yet played Ashwin and Murali together?
  5. Give the Young Talent a Chance: I still can't believe how a team could prefer parthiv over vijay and joginder over Tyagi except for the age old foolish belief of trusting experience over talent.
  6. Assign each player a role: It seems nobody in the team knows their role. Assign each player - both the batsman and bowlers a role and play them accordingly. For e.g. ask Badrinath to be a anchor and bring him into the field as per the situation dictates.
  7. Back Your Instincts: At the end of the day, all these suggestions are coming from a well intentioned fan and not from GOD. So the most important of all, always remember to back your instincts. Remember it is your instincts that made you a great captain and it will be your instincts that will help chennai super kings dug out of its hole.
Go! Dhoni! Go! Win the next match against Rajasthan Royals!

Extra Suggestion: Bring back Vidyut. Who Knows his spin combined with his batting prowess might make him a valuable player of the team.

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Cricket and India said...

I think it is time to give a chance to George Bailey and Makhaya Ntini. CSK have to disturb the losing rhythm by doing some major shake-up of the team. Hayden, Murali, Oram/ Bailey and Ntini will make up the foreign players. Ashwin should come in for Joginder Sharma and Vijay in place of Parthiv Patel. Hope they get it right against Rajasthan Royals.

Viswanathan said...

I am all for bringing Vidyut back into the team.

rs said...

By batting badri at 7 and having joginder (who bats below Gony and gets one over), we are essentially playing with 9 players.

Given that Flintoff is off to injury, I wonder if they can get a bowler? (KXIP have I believe got someone for Marsh)

Chennai Super Kings Fansite said...

@ Cricket and India,

I don't know whether George is needed since our batsman have fired until now.. George is more of a long term investment..

@ Ottayan,

Didn't think that i would get much support in suggesting bring back Vidyut.. Nice to see your support..

@ rs,
they can get substitute players. But are they really needed. I don't think we can get anybody who is more talented than people in the current squad..