Friday, 17 April 2009

News Snippets

  1. Chennai Super Kings are Still Favorites: Even after three weeks, Chennai Super Kings remain the favorites among the betting community. Read the earlier odds @ Chennai Super Kings are Favorites. [News Source: HT]
  2. Dhoni, the Most Valued Player: Though Freddie might be paid more than Dhoni in this season, the insurance cover for each of IPL Players clearly shows that Dhoni is the most valued player among not only CSK Stars but also among the entire IPL Contingent. Dhoni has been insured for 52 Crore Rupees by the team. [News Source: ThFire]
  3. Entire Team is Fit and Raring To Go: In the last week, the remaining stars of Chennai Super Kings - Dhoni, Oram, Flintoff, etc. joined the team. As per the team reports, all the members are fit and raring to go. Guys Get Ready

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