Friday, 10 April 2009

My Wishlist from Chennai Super Kings Management

Until now, I have been happy with the way N. Srinivasan & Co have run Chennai Super Kings Team. They have taken various intelligent decisions [like bidding for Dhoni & Freddie] and done a lot of things smartly. As a testament to that, Chennai Super Kings today boasts a huge number of die-hard fans. [And I am sure it has the highest number of fans for any IPL franchise] But still there are a few things in a fan's wish list which the management team should do. Listing down my top three wishlist for Chennai Super Kings management team:
  1. Increased Interaction with Fans: Though there has been a lot of lip-service for Chennai Super Kings fans, the management team has not done anything concrete or anything exclusive until now. [Only thing they have done is asking VB to blog on the website. Thanks to the blog, today we know the thinking behind various things going in the club]. They can kick-start the interaction with the fans by helping in creating a Chennai Super Kings Supporters Association that acts as an intermediate between the fans and the management.
  2. A Responsibile Citizen: As a team that carries "Chennai" on its name, Chennai Super Kings would be expected to contribute actively to various social activities in Chennai and be a responsible member of the society. A simple step like donating a 1% of the profit to Social activities would go a long way in becoming a part of Chennai itself
  3. Farm System: In the intial few seasons with a limit on spending on the players, the money power of the few of the team owners might not make any difference. But I am sure, the depth of the pockets would matter with the increasing maturity of IPL. So the only way for the team to compete with Ambanis & Mallyas, would be by building a farm system that delivers talent to the team, year-after-year. Hope Chennai Super Kings recognizes this and creates a proper system for this.
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