Friday, 3 April 2009

Michael Hussey to Miss IPL

On the background of the doubts regarding the availability of Oram for IPL, another blow has struck Chennai Super Kings Fans. Michael Hussey announced today that he is going to pull himself out of this IPL Season in an effort to reinvigorate himself ahead of the Ashes. Though Hussey could have attended the last two weeks of IPL, he has decided to take a much needed rest for his body and mind.

On hearing the news, V B Chandrasekar commented that
"It is a big disappointment for us, but we have got to respect his need to take rest. No doubt, we will miss him a lot. He was expected to play from the ninth game onwards and play a crucial role. Flintoff leaves by then and we thought, if the bowling gets weakened a bit, our battig would have got stronger."
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News Update
Kasi Viswanathan of the Super Kings asserted that there has no official communication from Hussey regarding his reported non-availability. Though Hussey has informed the management about being a little late than other Australian international players, he has not yet officially communicated the unavailability for the entire tournament.

News Source: Cricinfo


Unknown said...

come back hussey chennai needs your spot

Unknown said...

we all know hussey is a great player,He can be a good guide for especially for the junior players.
But one simple formula for 20/20
is adopt run a ball must.20 0vers
means 120 runs= plus bonus extras
plus if u convert singles to 4s or
6s nothing like it.U will find 180 plus is easy one. So the point is every player make up a mind for run a ball.