Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Last Season Surprise Super Kings Star Gony is Ready

Last year, Manpreet Gony emerged out of blue moon and wearing the yellow uniform, showed his potential. In the process, he also won the hearts of every Chennai Super Kings Fan. was surely one of the most amazing success stories of the first Indian Premier League and a story that stands as a testament to the entire IPL Concept especially considering the history of Gony. [Read the real life story about a loving husband and a heart broken parent and why I want Gony to succeed]. Yeah, He also won all the hearts of Chennai Super Kings Fan during this period.

Will Meet Huge Expectations
But this year we all have huge expectations from Gony and the Mohali pacer is well aware of that fact. He has promised that he will try to do better, both in terms of his own bowling and congtributing to the team's success.

Thank You Dhoni

Gony believes that Gony's trust in the team made a huge difference in the last year “That was the turning point. Dhoni had so much trust in me — I was an unknown player but he made sure I didn’t feel that way,” he says, adding, “I am in touch with Dhoni in New Zealand too.”

Hope Gony & Dhoni Combo wins a few games this season. I am sure choosing between Tyagi and Gony is going to be a huge headache for Dhoni & Fleming.

News Source: Indian Express

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