Monday, 27 April 2009

Is this the end for Chennai Super Kings?

Another Defeat. And most of Chennai Super Kings fans have started losing hope on the team. And they are right to do so. But let us not lose hope in our team.

They may have lost 3 matches. They may have got their entire team selection wrong. They may have not shown any team spirit on the field. The captain and the leader might not have contributed to the team's cause.

But still it is our team. Still it is the strongest team in IPL. It still has explosive batsmen like Hayden, Dhoni, Raina, Morkel and Oram. It still posses bowling talents like Gony, Murali, Balaji. We may have lost a few matches. But still this is a team of professionals and expect them to bounce back hard. And these losses would have helped the team to take a deeper look at itself. And It surely provides the team an opportunity to show its character to its fans. Whatever might have happened, I still believe we have a fair chance of making to the semi-finals. [We just have to win 6 of the 9 matches. An easy task for this team].

I hope and believe, my next match review would be after a win. Go! Super Kings! Go!


Unknown said...

The Chennai Super Kings are not performing in the death overs - in both the bowling and batting departments!
As a matter of fact, the first 10 overs of batting has always been superb with Matthew Hayden setting up the platform every time. This has made Hayden keep the Orange Cap. But after the strategic time-out the batting starts to get wobbly. This happens both when chasing and batting first.

Tonight we hardly scored any runs in the last 5 overs, in spite of Jacob "the giant" Oram in the crease!

In the 2 previous matches, the bowling flopped in the death overs.
In tonight's match, the batting flopped in the death overs!

If the team has to rise from the dead, then it has to perform in the death overs, with both the bat and the ball!

I believe our beloved team can do that!

Go Super Kings Go!!!

Thiru Cumaran said...

The biggest problem is the team selection and the batting order...Morkel is beyond hopeless...some players just don't feel the incentive to perform when they are not playing for their own country or domestic team (same case with Freddie Flintoff). In today's case, 4 medium pacers (Bala, Oram, Sharma and Morkel) is just 2 too many. They should drop Morkel and get Murali Vijay in. Joginder should be dropped and Makhaya should be brought in. Makhaya is a totally different kind of fast bowler and would really lend some variety....M.Vijay could perhaps bring some stability to the middle order..and for God's sake, PLS PUSH BADRI TO NO.4 (if Vijay is playing) OR NO.3!

Vijay Vishwanath said...

great article !!!

Better to have hope, than not !!

We have lost to 3 of the best teams in the tournament. We can come 4th and enter the semifinals I think.

Cheer up guys !!

Viswanathan said...

CSK should do something quickly to reverse their fortunes. A change in the batting order and something to clear Dhoni's clogged head is the need of the hour.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

oh my friends.. just 3 losses.. and twice we lost in final over.. we getting better and better..
dhoni knows what to do.. and we have haydos fleming and murali to suggest.. we just need 7 wins to semis birth. and the csk team knows better than us.. so hope for the best.

if we arent the one.. then who else... ???