Tuesday, 21 April 2009

CSK Scores its First Win

After a poor performance in the first match, Chennai Super Kings are back in style. They played a near perfect script. After scoring an imposing total, the bowlers did a great job by restricting Bangalore Royal Challengers to 100 odd runs. They achieved all this without even playing their best. I am sure this team would provide a lot more great performances like today. 

  1. Hayden's Performance: This performance from Hayden would deflect the attention from all the other players in team, helping them to play to their strengths
  2. Murali is Back: Finally Some wisdom prevails. Murali is back in the squad and he shows his importance to the team. Hope Fleming & Dhoni don't repeat the mistake of dropping him.
  3. Flintoff: Can anyone disagree that it was beautiful to see Flintoff & Murali bowling in tandem? Hope they repeat the performance for 2 more matches
  1. Team Selection: Though Parthiv Patel was a part of a century partnership, Vijay is a better batsman than Parthiv and deserve to play if Parthiv is not keeping wickets. Dhoni & Fleming! Please give Tyagi a chance. He deserves it. 
  2. Strategic Breaks: Chennai Super Kings has not yet got hold of strategic breaks and floundered in both the matches after these breaks. Hope Fleming comes with a way to make a better use of Strategic Breaks. 
  3. Badrinath: I am shouting from first IPL Season that Badri deserves a place in the top 4 or 5 in the batting order. Hope I get to see that at least this year. 
  4. Opening Bowlers: It is time Gony & Co. get their act together. Otherwise, Sehwag & Co. would tear them apart in the next match. 
Hope Chennai Super Kings comes up with another great performance for their match against Delhi Daredevils. 

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CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

yes of course.. we are back on track..
will the South Africans will be available for the entire season.. if so, then we are that.. we are in semis for sure.. becoz i dont think, punjab, rajastan and even kolkatta gonna make semis this time.. they are nothing when compared to others (chennai, bglore, mumbai and delhi) and we have some batting depth till no 7.
when compared to other teams, if they lose top 3 wickets then they are out.. but in our case, we can hope till 6th wicket falls...

correct me if am wrong...

sorry for my poooooor english.. typing in a hurry...

CSK Fansite said...

@ praveen,

yeah.. i completely agree.. praveen.. Going to semis might not be a big issue.. But for going from there, team has to get its act together soon..