Thursday, 30 April 2009

CSK Scores Another Win

Chennai Super Kings are Back! How good it feels to write this... Now I just hope that they get a few wins under the belt in the next few matches and built that important momentum.

  1. Raina: A Stand Out Performance. But the most important thing for him is to follow this with more good performance this IPL. If that happens, it will take some attention from Mathew Hayden on whom all the opposition team are focusing on.
  2. Fleming & Dhoni Getting a few selection issues sorted out: Tyagi showed his worth; Joginder Sharma is Out; Extra Spinner is In; Badrinath at No:4; All Correct Decisions;
  3. Venky Showing Some Effort: After 3 poor performance of CSK Bowling, all the fans were asking what is Venky doing? Thanks to today's performance, atleast Venky has regained some respect from CSK Fans
  4. Morkel & Oram: Morkel & Oram showing their impact in the bowling department. Hope they keep on improving. Nice to see each bowler understanding their roles.
  1. Opening Batsman: Parthiv Patel has shown that he does not deserve to open in South African Pitches. A Solution has to be found to this problem soon or this will impact us in future matches.
Hope Chennai Super Kings comes up with another great performance for their match against Delhi Daredevils.

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Anonymous said...

I am afraid to say but I feel CSK has finally got the right combination. It was right to open the bowling with Morkel. Raina is turning out to be a excellent bowler. I liked the way CSK pulled them selves out after the initial slump and sized up the situation.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

joginder is useless..

this is the best team.. but still y parthiv ????

Danesh said...

Parthiv should not open. Vijay should be brought in or maybe Dhoni himself can open?