Sunday, 29 March 2009

Why IPL - Season 2 would be successful?

When Indian Premier League was first announced in February 2008, most of the cricket commentators and bloggers doubted the success of the event. And the success of IPL proved all the naysayers wrong. Even now, with the shifting of IPL to South Africa, critics have started commenting that Indian Premier League would not succeed this year. But I am sure that IPL - Season 2 would become a huge success because of the following reasons:
  1. Pathetic Substitutes: I strongly believe that IPL succeeded because the Indian Common Man does not have any other better enteraintement options. And in the last one year, there has been no drastic improvement in the other enterntainment available on TV and IPL would again successfully become the best thing to watch on TV.
  2. Timing: IPL owes its success largely to the annual Summer Holidays when college and school students are free from other commitments. This year too, Indian Premier League has ensured that IPL is happening in the same window. Also 8PM startup on weekdays and 4 PM start on weekends ensures that even the parents would join their kids in watching the tournament.
  3. Quality of Cricket: Not only the concept of City-Based-Loyalty, but also the quality of cricket made the key difference in the long-run. Quality of Cricket ensured that the fans came back, again and again to the grounds. Cricket was one of the most competitive cricket i have ever seen in my life. And for a change from the international scenario, it was tough to predict the winner of the game.
Though Indian Premier League has been shifted to South Africa, they still retain these key characteristics that laid the foundation for the success last year. As T20 World Cup showed, I am sure South Africans would turn in large numbers to watch IPL drama. Though the teams would miss the loyal fans, I am sure entertaining teams like Chennai Super Kings would have built a fan base in South Africa by the end of tournament. [Any South African Chennai Super Kings Fan willing to reach out to the global Chennai Super Kings Fanbase through this blog, do get back in touch with me at chennaisuperkings[at]gmail[dot]com]

Anyway, Wishing a Great Indian Premier League - Season 2.

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