Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Oram May Pull Out of IPL

Jacob Oram, the New Zealand allrounder, has said he will pull out of the IPL if he does not recover from his Achilles Tendon injury before New Zealand first-class championship game starting April 5. He strongly denied suggestions that he was trying to save himself for the Twenty20 event by not playing in the ongoing Test Series against India which the Kiwis trail 0-1.
"I can understand people thinking I'm cotton-wooling myself but I'll definitely take myself out [of the IPL] if I don't get through the final," Oram told the Dominion Post. "I 'm pretty confident I will make the final and I won't be tiptoeing through five days of cricket. I'm going to hit it hard, and deep down I think I'll be okay."
Hope he does play the game and also be a part of the Chennai Super Kings squad for this season IPL.

News Update

Chandrasekhar has come out in the public and said that it will be a big blow for Chennai Super Kings if Oram is unable to play the IPL. He has also confirmed that Dhoni and Fleming are trying to convince Oram to play the tournament. I hope Dhoni and Fleming are able to convince Oram to play for IPL Chennai team whether he is able to play in five days or not. Even if he is not fit at the beginning of the season, since his presence would be crucial once Flintoff departs.


Shivanandham said...

Vettori's demand to include Oram in test will give Oram a slight edge to think about his fitness and also would increase his confidence.

As Dhoni and Flemming are hoping to convince Oram for IPL2, its all up to Oram to decide.


Chennai Super Kings Fansite said...

Me too hopes Oram plays the IPL.. Since he would be the key man after Flintoff leaves.

karthik said...

Hussy will not play in second edition. Its going to big blow for super kings. Anyway only 4 foreign player are allowed. So we don't worry about anything. because we are depends on our local players.


This will be combination. I thought Baily is good player. And he is Tasmanian captain. So he will be replace Hussy.

karthik said...

And also i think first 6 matches


This will be combination
After that
Oram if comes in.or nitini/Baily