Saturday, 28 March 2009

News Snippets

  1. Buried Past: Finally an interesting information from the past. Have you ever wondered who took that decision to send Kapugedara ahead of Badrinath in Finals of IPL Season 1. All CSK fans agreed that it was a decision that made the difference between a win and a loss [See the post and the comments]. In Dinakar's article on Hindu, he makes it clear that it was Kepler Wessels who took that ill-fated decision overruling Dhoni's Decision of sending Badrinath. And this decision was one of the key reasons for losing his job as the coach of Chennai Super Kings.
  2. Srikkanth Disappointed: Srikkanth has also communicated his disappointment on the shifting of venues - "I am also among the fans of Chennai Super Kings. I am also disappointed like my friends in the CSK Club" [News Source: Chennaivision]

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