Wednesday, 11 March 2009

News Snippets

  1. Oram having "Second Thoughts": Following the Lahore Attack on Srilankan Cricket Team, the news agencies started coming up with the reports that Oram was having second thoughts about travelling to India for the Indian Premier League. Read the newsreport here. I am sure this is just another instance of newspapers blowing up casual remarks and I am 100% Certain that Oram would be turning up for IPL this time
  2. Murali Joins In: After Oram, even Murali joined in the chorus of having second thoughts about IPL. [Read here] As you can read from the newsreport, it is just another instance of newspapers twisting the comments.
  3. TN CM Karunanidhi Joins In: But i got really doubtful when Karunanidhi also joined in the chorus asking for the postponement of the tournament. [News Source: ChennaiOnline] If the most secure metro city in India vis-a-vis terrorism raises doubts w.r.t. security, where can you go?
  4. 10 Times More Security: Thankfully, Modi has confirmed that they would be spending 10 times more on Security this year and Chennai would host all the seven matches. [NewsSource: Indian Express]

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