Tuesday, 24 March 2009

More Chennai Super Kings Stars Disappointed About Shifting

After Flintoff and Badrinath expressing their disappointment of shifting of IPL venues, Lakshimpath Balaji also joined in and expressed his disappointment on shifting IPL outside India. Balaji said to Hindu that,
"It is quite depressing in that we won't have home matces. But at least the IPL is making it happen. "
Even Muralitharan, who narrowly escaped from the terrorist attacks in Lahore, has expressed his disappointment in an interview with TOI,
"Yes it is extremely disappointing that we won't get the opportunity to playin India. IPL proved to be such an exciting cricket tournament last year, what with international and national cricketers, lots of stars, celebs and the fast-paced T20 format.

I don't know whether we will get the same environment again. But then, as cricketers, we are contract-bound and have to play wherever they organize the tournament. "


Envernathan Govender said...

With the IPL going to South Africa I beleive CSK could be the best supported team especially when they play in Durban. There are about 600,000 people of Tamil origin in SA especially in Durban and Johannesburg. Most Tamils will support CSK. Also with Dhoni and Rainer in the side many non Tamil Indians will support CSK. Nthini's presence could be used to garner the support of the blacks and Morkels presence could help to get the white support. Through a magazine that I have (Chennai News) I will try and get as many people in SA to register as supporters. Hopefully I can get to meet the management of CSK to make it official.
Enver Govender

Anonymous said...

@ Envernathan,
That is great news to support.. If you think this blog can support you in your endeavor, please let me know..

- Robin