Thursday, 26 March 2009

Chennai Super Kings Website getting Bigger & Better

Though the shifting of venues may result in a smaller scale IPL. Rakesh Singh, Marketing Head of India Cements Ltd. has promised us that Chennai Super Kings Website would get better and bigger. Citing te several million page views last year, he has promised a lot more features this time around.

According to him, the blog is just the first of these initiatives. He has promised that the online store with special merchandise (T-Shirts, Caps, Wrist Bands), a WAP Site and mobile store for ring tones, themes, anthems, wallpapers, news alerts and unique team-centric content from a dedicated editorial staff would be available.

Also after a long time, Chennai Super Kings Online Merchandise Store is finally open. You can buy Chennai Super Kings T-Shirt, Cap and Wrist Band @ the store. [I just bought the blue CSK T-Shirt]

News Source: exchange4media

1 comment:

Ravi Shankar said...

Can you put a word to admin guys to accept 'debit cards' for the purchase as well.... Most of us (students) don' have access to 'credit cards'.... I'm longing to buy T-shirts... :(