Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chennai Super Kings - Flintoff Saga Continues

This blog has already reported about Chennai Super Kings’ interest in Flintoff. With today’s TOI report, more news have started flowing about CSK’s interest in Freddie.

  • Chennai Super Kings have spoken with him when he visited Chennai for the India-England Test match
  • Chennai Super Kings are ready to go all out for Flintoff in the auctions. So expect another million dollar contract for Flintoff

By leaking such valuable information, Chennai Super Kings team are making sure that they are able to ward off any other team showing interest in Flintoff. Hope the strategy works and they are able to get him in for an economical rate.

TOI also reports that Hayden may get a hike to his salary. Personally I feel it is time that CSK players get a part of their salary based on personal and team’s performance rather than the fixed amount they are receiving now.

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