Thursday, 4 December 2008

Calling on Chennai

Firstly hello to all of you ! I have been away and busy and haven't found time to write since the IPL.

I am writing this post to particularly call upon all Chennai cricket fans to answer to a very important call - a call by the nation and the game of cricket itself. Due to the tragic events of 26/11 the first test against England has been moved to Chennai.

I think it is a great gesture by England to make every effort to make sure this tour happens and a clear message is sent out to those dastardly terrorists. Now we the people and cricket fans of India and Chennai in particular need to respond to this gesture - and the only way to do this is to give both teams a grand reception and support the game with full gusto.

Undoubtedly Chennai has the country's best and most knowledgeable cricket fans and I would merely urge you to pack the stadium to the rafters and make this an event to remember - make sure you are part of it - part of history - not just in the game of cricket - but in the context of our times - in the history of the nation.

Go Chennai !


Unknown said...

@ Gaurav,
Welcome back to CSK fansite. Nice to see your post after a long time... Don't have any worries.. I am sure Chennai Cricket Fans would fill the Cricket stadium... :)

Gaurav said...

Well done Chennai ! What a response to a wonderful test match and a great innings ! Chennai reemphasizes its prominent position as the most vibrant and flourishing cricketing center in India !