Thursday, 6 November 2008

Hindustan Times! Get your news right!!!

Hindustan Times in its article - 'Hussey, Morkel to play for Chennai' has claimed that Chennai IPL Team sacked Kepler Wessels. This news would have come as a surprise to any loyal CSK fan since Kepler Wessels has already expressed his unwillingness to continue for future IPL seasons. [Read the story @ Cricinfo]. And it does not make any sense to sack the coach who led the team to Champions Twenty20 League.

Kepler Wessels himself decided to put an end to this false story by HT. He has shared the real version of the story with 'The Herald Online'.

Hmm.. Thanks to Wessels' revelations, now we have to wait to find the truth about the other story of Albie Morkel playing for Chennai in Champions Twenty20 League.

P.S: Considering Vijay's composed 33 on his surprise debut for Indian Team, I hope that Chennai Super Kings opener problems' would be solved pretty soon.

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