Saturday, 15 November 2008

Hayden in the midst of a storm

In an open letter to Chennai Super Kings, Gaurav Sabnis - one of the reputed Indian Bloggers, has requested Chennai Super Kings to terminate the employment of Hayden based on his  comments associating India with third world countries.

All the hue and cry were for this following comment.. 
"Often we find ourselves waiting with hands on hips for someone to face up or someone on the sight board to move away or some of those little frustrations happening with Third World countries," Hayden said.
Yeah! I accept that the words used by Hayden, to express his feelings, might not be entirely right. But that does not mean he was wrong too. He was merely expressing his feelings here and he has every right to do so. Moreover he did not call India a third world country but merely associated the few things happening on the cricket field to those happening in a third world country.. [Remember he didn't comment about the economy or our space mission... ] Though India might be one of the fastest growing economies of the world, even today few places in India are very similiar to any third world country. [If you disagree to this, you are surely a hypocrite]

Rather than taking this remark in our own stride, we the Indians are making a hue and cry. This rather shows our immaturity and not our patriotic feelings. 

But what hit me the most was the fact that a reputed blogger like Gaurav Sabnis could take this remark to the extreme by calling Chennai Super Kings to terminate the employment of Hayden. In this days of globalization, India Cements and for that matter, Chennai Super Kings are global companies/global brands. So Why the heck should they care about this remark?

Yeah! I accept that Hayden could have shown more restraint and could have used better words. But that does not mean he committed an unforgivable sin. Anyway! I sincerely hope and believe that Chennai Super Kings won't do any foolishness by making a fuss of this silly remark. 


Gaurav said...

Sigh... maybe I should tag my ironical and satirical posts with the tag "satire" or "irony". Even after writing over-the-top and obviously facetious stuff like... "foremost thinker of the modern and postmodern era".... and "humbly demand"... and so on, the letter still got taken seriously! :(

sasi,indian said...

see we should see hayden has said that in which mentality. he thinks that they are superior to than third world countries. his racist nature has come out by calling india as thirs world country. even cricketer akram has said that australia is lagging 100 years behind india citing moon mission and all. every patriotic indian will oppose his comment. dont he remember australian natinals are running nude in the ground amongst gathering. actuallay this is a third rate offence. even mentally affected indian wont run nude in the ground. please remind this to hayden. he is searching reasons for the worse defeat and trying to hide his inability of scoring runs, where once he had run riot. i like hayden. but now....

Anonymous said...

Well, first of all I dont see why the term "Third world country" had to come in his statement. How come a few disturbances on the cricket field compare to situations in a third world country !!..
Hence I take offence in his statement as it was not congruous with his complaint.
Also I would like to know how many "Third World" Countries has he played to arrive at a comparison.
This simply smacks of frustration at losing the series and he has proved that Aussies are "Sore losers".

Unknown said...

@ Gaurav,
Since I don't follow your blog regularly, I took the post in a more serious note... Sorry..

@ Sasi.indian,
Remember Hayden never called India a third world country... He cited that certain things pertaining to cricket were not world class.. We fool ourself if we say we are world class in all the possible places.. That is the whole point.. Also Just because Akram used this opportunity to get back at Hayden, does not mean we could do the same thing..

@ anonmyous,
Yeah.. Aussies are sore losers.. Yeah i accept that he could have used better term.. But that does not mean that he has committed an unforgivable sin...

Anonymous said...

"...He was merely expressing his feelings here."
In today's world of globalization, Hayden should know what to speak and what not to. And of all people he should know better after all incidents that have happened between India and Aussie team. No, i dont accept he was merely expressing his feelings! He indeed was frustrated and venting out that. You must be immature to miss something so obvious.

"..but merely associated...". Again, he should know better that say anything to associate. Again, we all know what Harbhajan might have said in Hindi which was understood as something else in English and led to such an hue and cry. But I guess you would think otherwise?

Well, in my opinion India doesnt need any certificate from Hayden on our progress (or grounds for that matter). We are a proud nation and richest as far as cricket is concerned and should and will flex our muscles. If anyone has any problems with that, they are free to leave.

Unknown said...

"in my opinion India doesnt need any certificate from Hayden on our progress (or grounds for that matter)."

Yeah.. That is the attitude i am talking about.. 'No Care' Attitude rather than 'Hue and Cry' Attitude.

vnangli said...

Dear Robin,
You seem to be too philosophical, and that is not what todays world is all about..Dont take me wrong,A TIT FOR A TAT will make Hayden a better man for tomorrow is what I meant....What do I have to do if Hayden is a Noble man or a Humble man...I dont care. If you dont penalise him today and not make him understand the mistake, he will go back to Australia after the IPL and make another comment which may go like this"YEAH,I WASNT WRONG WHEN I MADE THE FIRST COMMENT ABOUT INDIA BEING THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. I WANTED TO GIVE ANOTHER CHANCE and INDIA DOESNT DESERVE IT ANYMORE". And then again there will bloggers harping around and some advocating Hayden's comments...Just take this only as an example, nothing meant personally...And it is a simple.

Imagine you invite me for a dinner to your house, I thoroughly enjoy my dinner which is very tasty and ofcourse your family members are very cordial and make me feel as if I am at my home...Now, I go back to my home and next day I will call you back to only complain about your kids being unruly, the food wasnt tasty (may be because your family isnt civilised enough to cook it to their guest's taste)....How would you feel...If your answer is on the similar lines as your blog "HAYDEN IN THE MIDST OF A STORM"...Then believe me YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE..

Nothing personal against you, it is just that it triggers me if anybody throws a wrong comment about my family and my country after they know they have made their fortune from my country...