Sunday, 8 June 2008

Summing Up - Indian Premier League - Season One

It has been a great first season for Indian Premier League. As a cricket fan and as a fan of Chennai Super Kings, I truly enjoyed it. It was great to watch our team reach the finals. Though we may have lost the finals by a whisker, I am sure we would come back a much more stronger and a much more determined team the next season. But thanks to their great performance of the team, we the CSK fans have kept our heads held high even in the defeats.

Thanks to you all, this leading blog of Chennai Super Kings has had more than 50,000 page views and more than 160 RSS subscribers in the first season itself. [I don't think any other team's fansite would have been able to garner such high support and loyalty]. And I am sure it will only go up in the next season. But what i liked most about this blog is the opportunity to interact with other CSK fans and their views(comments) regarding the team.

Now IPL Season is over, what do you like to do with this blog until the T20 Champions League starts?

P.S: Sorry that I was not able to reply to your comments in the last 2 or 3 weeks. I have shifted to a new place and a new job. So was not able to access the Internet as much as i would have liked. And Gaurav has surely done a great job in the mean time.

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Viswanathan said...

You can still post IPl related news. The new Twenty20 Championship Trophy is due to start in October(?)

Obviously our team is an important part of it.

Today Modi talks about player's transfer during the 2009 season and also some innovations like the pink neon ball.

Keep them coming.

BTW, all the best for your new job.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

hey, post abt the indian team news + pre + post match analysis.. like we did for csk.

a fan said...


It would be good if you can post specifically about the news/performance of CSK players in their corresponding non IPL matches...

Pink neon ball? Probably it has a sponsor name written all over it!!

Viswanathan said...

a fan,

Any thing is possible in IPL. :)

Unknown said...

@ pink neon ball.. thanks for your views..

I will try to update IPL related news and CSK players as much as possible.. But most probably.. the blog would be updated weekly rather than daily..

- Robin

Anonymous said...

y don't u post abt the Indian cricket team as they r playing the Asia Cup 2008 ....