Sunday, 1 June 2008

Punjab Annihilated, Destroyed, Demolished !!!

We have done it guys ! We have inflicted a humiliating defeat upon our favorite opposition and romped through to the finals in style ! What a momentous and glorious win this is for everyone associated with the Chennai Superkings !

So unfairly written off and labeled as the weakest of the four semifinalists, and then, branded as underdogs we have shown the World that they can take us lightly only at their own peril.

Punjab: Shaun Marsh, Sangakarra both failed, as they were due a failure anyway. No one else stood up, weak middle order, Yuvraj couldn't stand up, as expected. Bowling showed no teeth

Chennai: Ntini who was a bit of a worry, came to the party just at the right time. Gony, as predicted, was superb. Parthiv did a decent job. Raina of course was brilliant.

Was this the PERFECT performance ? Does this leave scope for another perfect performance tomorrow ?

The expressions on Yuvraj's face were precious.

We have shown that rather than putting up a false bravado just keeping calm and going about the job quietly works wonders. Just one more step away from justifying our name "Super" Kings !


Unknown said...

Perfecto! That's the ideal description for today!

I am sure the kxip will be considering us their mortal enemies for the next season.

Thiru Cumaran said...

Indeed, it ws a perfect performance! Notable was the maturity of raina and patel, who didn't try anything fancy and just concentrated on getting the target! This is precisely why its much better for CSK to chase than set a target! Wish we can win the toss today! :)

Anonymous said...

Here we go, a day when we had the experienced players like ntini, murali, morquel firing together along with inspired gony/raina/parthiv.

We could have got them few more early wickets (2 run outs missed). Against formiddable rajasthan, we need to be even more alert as they are high on confidence.

Common guys, just one more game, i am sure you going to give fitting reply just like last t20 world cup against australia. After all, it is same dhoni :-) - Mani

Anonymous said...

ICL or IPL, our guys rule !! it's a slap in the face of the so called major teams like mumbai, kolkata and b'lore. hopefully they will shut their pie-holes and talk with their bats next year !! as for our guys, I wish them all the luck and play hard and play to win. Watch Sohail, even if we have to play out his 4 overs, you guys can go after the rest of them !!

Unknown said...

@ mid west mylaporean,
Yeah.. If Tanvir is negated, the match would become a cake walk.. Hope the bowlers come up with another good performance..

Anonymous said...

just hope v play well 2day lyk a gud unit n dhoni makes d rite decisions *hope*

Anonymous said...

Awesome match guys!! go csk!! hope dhoni n co can pull it off 2day!!!!!!!