Thursday, 12 June 2008

News Snippets

  1. New Coach - Next Season???: Though Kepler Wessels joined Chennai Super Kings team pretty late (compared to coaches of other teams), he did a admirable job with the talent available to him. Even Dhoni acknowledged it when he praised the improvement shown by the CSK players during his interview after the IPL finals. If Wessels decides not to commit for the next season, it would be a great loss for Chennai Super Kings team. [News Source: Cricinfo]
  2. Chennai Super Kings Breaks Even: The initial reports on Economic Times suggested that Chennai Super Kings may end up in the red this year. But as Mr. Rakesh Singh [Joint President, Marketing] clarified on his recent interview, Chennai Super Kings has broke even in the first year itself, aided by the surprisingly high collections from merchandising. [News Source: Business Line]


Anonymous said...

for the latest chennai superkings merchandise and cricket scores

Anonymous said...

Robin... what do you plan to do with this blog during non-ipl days... going to be an absolute specialist or would you be considering writing on all the other cricket action.

Unknown said...

@ scorpicity,
Mostly a specialist.. But planning to write a weekly update how each CSK Player is doing.. [Since other wise google will decide this blog is dead]


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