Sunday, 1 June 2008

The MEGA-FINAL - Rajasthan Royals v Chennai Super Kings !

The two best teams in the inaugural DLF IPL will be going head-to-head in what promises to be a mouth-watering, heart-stopping climax. Don't go by the one-sided matches in the semi-finals ! Just think back to the last time these two great teams met in Chennai to remember what a superb game of cricket it was. Here's to a repeat of such a game - with one key difference - the end result !!!

Not only are these the two best teams - they are also the two best-led teams. Warne and Dhoni are the two magicians who will conduct the show. It's one of India's most charismatic and successful limited-overs captain against arguably the greatest captain the World never had !

Rajasthan have truly been a great team - a worthy opponent to face in the finals - unlike say, Punjab, who were more pretenders than anything else. They have given us some wonderful cricket, some delightful memories - the way Shane Warne has led this team has been simply inspiring.

Strengths - Batting order with well-defined roles, Tanvir, Warne, Watson - the best all-rounder
Weaknesses - Will miss Smith, Perhaps the seamers to backup Tanvir and Watson ?

Chennai - we have displayed the one great trait of a champion side - the ability to lift our game when it matters most. We peaked at the start of the tournament, went through a bit of a lean patch but are just beginning to bring our best at the climax. You can rely on the captaincy of Dhoni to handle situations like these.

Strengths - Raina striking some serious form, Dhoni, Morkel - an all-rounder not quite as good as Watson, but a fair competitor, Ntini striking form, Gony
Weaknesses - Opening - remains the Achille's heel of our team, back-up bowling.

League Record 2-0 in favor of the Royals
First game we were blown off by the Sohail-storm, but in the home game we gave a memorable fight. However, Watson did not play that game. But the main backbone of the batting in that game Graeme Smith is out injured, so that could be a huge bonus

Royal Contests
Akmal v Ntini
Asnodkar v Gony
Watson v Morkel
Yusuf v Murali
Raina v Tanvir
Dhoni v Warne

So let's get the party started ! Bring out your drinks, put out your tents and start pouring in your rants and opinions on this mega-blockbuster !


Unknown said...

I think how we negate Tanvir would be the key... Also it would be interesting to watch what are the surprises that the captains have planned for the match...

Surely keeping my fingers crossed...

Senthil said...


We are entering as Underdogs...
So there is nothing to lose. Just need to bring the best from each & everybody. Then we can.... Hope we will....

Gopalakrishnan C said...

Based on the Law of averages, I am sure Rajasthan will meets its waterloo at the hands of superkings. If the Chennai Team show the same amount of commitment and agility on the field as they demonstrated against Punjab, the game is ours. We might, even forget the atrocious stroke of Vidyut, and a below par performance of Balaji. I can at least accept the rash stroke of Vidyut, but not the short pitched deliveries of balaji. He ambles to the bowling crease, his delivery is slightly faster than Kumble's, and thus he had to have extraordinary talents to Bowl short pitched ( failing which fulltosses) deliveries.

I do not know why nobody is commenting on the unethical inclusion of injured Smith against Delhi, and asking for a runner in the very second over of the innings. That is exploitation; the catch by the substitute would not have been possible had Smith played the innings.

Another factor, I am concerned is the almost No-Ball like bowling of Tanveer ( Bowling from outside the Sideline, and no umpire has ever called him for this offence.)

May be Dhoni may not want to experiment now or even to change a winning team. However, I would prefer a good alrounder in place of Balaji