Sunday, 1 June 2008

History favours us

Before the start of Indian Premier League - Season 1, many considered Chennai Super Kings to be the favorites and Rajasthan Royals to be the underdogs. But their roles have reversed now. Today Rajasthan Royals are the favorites to win the Indian Premier League and Chennai Super Kings are the underdogs.

But .Chennai Super Kings can take consolation in the fact that the history favours them. It was Tamil Nadu that won the inaugural inter State Twenty-20 Tournament and again it was Chennai Super Stars who won the inaugural Indian Cricket League. In both these finals, Chennai/Tamil Nadu teams were the underdogs and they managed to spring a surprise. Hope they are able to do it today too.

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Anonymous said...

add on this fact to that : Dhoni was the captain of the team that won da inagural T20 world championship...