Monday, 9 June 2008

Happy News from Lalit Modi

Yesterday on reading the news that Michael Hussey and Albie Morkel would represent their domestic teams rather than Chennai Super Kings, my hearts sank. But thankfully, Lalit Modi clarified today that the franchises of Indian Premier League would get first priority over players for the proposed Champions League.. Hurrah! Surely a great news!!!

Specifically elaborating on the case of Michael Hussey, who is caught between Western Australia and Chennai Super Kings for the Champions League, Modi said, "In the case of Michael Hussey, Chennai Super Kings has the option to keep him and pay a relieving fees to Western Australia. The option is with Super Kings."

News Source: Cricinfo


Gaurav said...

great news for us but it is a bit unfair isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

will there be the restriction of 4 overseas players will it be less than 4 ..dont know. Chennai will be a very strong team if their overseas players allowed in the champions league. It is unfair in someway...especially for the fans of
Titans, Durham and Western Australia.

Unknown said...

Yeah... It may be a bit unfair.. Even Hussey thinks so... But still.. I also dont think the 4 overseas players rule would apply.. anyway..we have to wait and see to decide..

Anonymous said...

which team will mike hussey choose if he had a choice btwen csk and western aus?

Anonymous said...

It is unfair. But, as a CSK fan, I like see Hussey play for CSK. Our team going to rock as they did in IPL. This time we should give a royal trash to RR.

Unknown said...

@ aady V,
Hussey has clearly said he would prefer Western Australia over Chennai Super Kings.