Friday, 9 May 2008

What a Win!

Another thrilling win for Chennai Super Kings. That too at the home of the strongest team in the competition (according to SONY commentators). Great going Chennai Super Kings. But rather than the win, seeing Chennai Super Kings getting their act together brought the most cheer to my heart. My only hope is that they continue this winning momentum.

  1. Strong Message: Removing Parthiv Patel, Joginder Sharma & Ntini was a master stroke since a strong message was sent to the team that continuous failures won't be tolerated. I am pretty much sure that when Parthiv Patel or Joginder or Ntini gets a chance to return back to the squad, their performances would be lot better.
  2. Bowling: Though DD's final score may not reflect that, our bowlers were bowling to a plan (Cramping the batsman by bowling at their legs - Negative Line). Though they sprayed and gave away wides, this tactic did not allow their batsmen to score sixes.
  3. Confidence: Last Ball win may provide that extra confidence and the very much needed momentum, which is crucial for this round of IPL
  4. Dhoni: Though a huge number of people may be surprised on seeing Dhoni receiving the Man of the Match award, I thought his innings was crucial since it held the whole innings together.
  5. Balaji: It was great to see Balaji back on the field. Though he has changed his action and has lost a few notches in his pace, he showed a few tricks on his sleeve. I am sure he could become a effective death overs bowler for Chennai Super Kings.
  6. Opening Partnership: Finally a opening partnership that fired. It was nice to see Fleming back in form. Hope to see much more vital scores from him.
  7. Morkel & Gony: Sixes
  1. Umpires: I don't understand the umpires' partiality against our team. Against us, they are always in a hurry to give fours as sixes, leg byes as wides, etc... At the same time, our batsman are given LBWs when they are clearly 'Not Outs'. It is time IPL creates a mechanism where complaints against umpires could be registered after the end of the game.
  2. Fielding: As Dhoni has already pointed it out, our fielding let us down today. I still feel we are missing that crucial 'intensity' in the field.
  3. Fifth Bowler: Not only in Delhi Daredevils, our fifth bowler is our weakest link. The fifth bowler(Amarnath/Kapugedera) leaked 50 runs in their quota of four overs. Hope they get their act together.
Great Going Guys!

"Adversity doesn't build reveals it."

P.S: Except for the readers of this blog - Fansite of Chennai Super Kings, everybody else was caught by the surprise inclusion of Chamara Kapugedera in the Chennai Super Kings Team.


CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

really a fantastic win in their home.. smiles back in chennai's faces
for me 2 wickets in 19th over made me feel that we are gonna lose..
but thanks to gony.. really made us proud..
semi final place confirmed for us.. as i said we have dravid and ganguly to lift us ??

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

have a look @ the

i have posted couple of posts in delhi dare devils forums..
they are crying ha ha


Naga said...

it was a great win indeed. The move to do away with Joginder and Parthiv payed well. Also, the decision to field shows that some sort of background work is donr by Mr.Kepler Wessels.

But still, Dhoni's form is a cause of concern. If you had watched yesterday, he was the one who mounted the pressure by nudging singles and not going for boundaries. It is always expected from a player who had played 30 odd balls to have scored more than 50 runs in this format. But, he struggled to find the gaps and big hits. Maybe he realises this and performs well in the next game. He needs to do justice to his high price tag.

The most unexpected thing was the Man of the Match award and i dont know what prompted the adjudicators to give ot to Dhoni, inspite of crucial contributions from Morkel with both bat and ball.

Anyways, we have won a close game and it would help the team tons. Infact, momentum shifts originate from such close games and hope that we maintain this.

It was great batting from Morkel and Gony. Full credit to them.

Hope we stop the winning run of the Kings XI Punjab. We proved that we have the talent to upset any team on its day.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

in prize distribution dhoni asked "for what ??" for me the man of the match is morkel

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

in prize distribution dhoni asked them "for what ??" for me the man of the match is morkel

Unknown said...

for me too.. Morkel should have been the real "Man of the Match".. But I think it was important that Dhoni was looking for singles and not big hits.. Because in this type of high run chases, one batsman should make sure that he stays on till the end while the other batsmen go after the bowlers.. Dhoni did that job beautifully... If he has not got out in that 19th over, he would have finished the game in the 19th over itself...

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

what abt next match.. are we going to remain the same team

Unknown said...

More or less.. we will remain the same team.. But Ntini may come in for Chamara Kapugedera and Parthiv Patel/Joginder Sharma/Anirudha/R Ashwin for Amarnath.. Otherwise we will remain the same until our semi final spot is confirmed..

Gaurav said...

i think we need to thrash the kings x1 tomorrow .. they are on a high ... but that might just work in our favor as they may get complacent ... if we win tomorrow we will be more of less sure of a semifinal slot as wins against bangalore and kolkata would be more or less guaranteed :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

no need to change the winning combination
i strongly disagree with people calling for replacement for amarnath .
amarnath is 100 % better than joginder & co , so stop the nonsense for now , amarnath is lucky guy ,whenever he is in team , csk has won the matches ,all 5 matches ,he was there ,hes a lucky masckot

dont be foolish to support the parthiv patel fool , he must be kicked out

we have vidyut - top class batsemn , support him , all talk abt fleming , but sadly people congratualte vidyut , this chap has made 90 + runs in 3 matches ,not bad enough , he must be there in all matches .

this is the best winnning combination , no need to disturb it

the new sriklankan is best player - its foolish to ask him to leave now

the best team of csk is the elven which had beat DD ,

i wish CSK rocks and give a pump up[ on the backs of the hyped useless preity zinta's boys

just hammer them and make them out in 90 runs , they should weep on the ground .......i would luv to see it

csk if batted first , must make 250 + , its better morkel opens ,if csk bats first ,as hes better than fleming ..........

Anonymous said...

i want to see the sreesamth patti weeping on the ground once more , this time csk batsmen should hammer his bowling for sixes , i would love morkel to hit a six ,which will take ball to marina beach
albie is a great find and even better than hayden etc

sadly ntini is not clicking , its better ,give him some rest

our balaji is back in form , hes great bowler and can come to indian elven and kick out the sreeanth patti out . balaji is a classic bowler , csk must bank on him

i wish gony bowls some yorkers and swings ,he must change pace quickly ,if he makes small correctiions ,he can become a permanent allrounder in indian eleven , hes a rising star of T 20 indian team and dhoni too supports him

hats off to gony ----we wish ,he improves a lot more now .