Saturday, 3 May 2008

Superkings vs Daredevils - Match Review

Well Played, Daredevils ! You outshone us in all departments and were man to man just that much better on the day. However we needn't be too despondent about this loss. I was quite chuffed by the way we fought right till the end despite that unbelievable opening onslaught by Gambhir and Sehwag. I know a lot of teams would have given up and lost the game in 12 -13 overs but Dhoni kept it going, very nearly engineered a minor panic, and kept us interested till the last over.

Overall, I must say the Devils are looking pretty good ! McGrath, Asif, Sangwan and Yomahesh are forming a formidable foursome and Sehwag, Gambhir and Dhawan is a terrific trio. The loss of our major stars definitely affected Chennai, and there are now beginning to show a few glaring deficiencies. Luckily they can be countered, in my opinion. Fleming is a class player and will find form in a few games time. But Patel and Viduyt in the top 3 worry me. I believe Raina and Badrinath are much more talented players than these two and deserve to be swapped. Ideally Fleming, Raina, Badri and Dhoni should form the top 4.

With the top 3 teams now all having 8 points from 5 games the top of the table has suddenly opened up wide and the game against Rajasthan is going to be an absolute humdinger. Can't wait for it to begin.

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