Saturday, 17 May 2008

Suggestions for Dhoni & Wessels

Since Chennai Super Kings has to win 3 of its next four matches, some suggestions for the team

  1. Bring on Ntini: Our team is one of the poorest bowling sides in the tournament in the tournament[If you want statistics, check here]. In this situation, it does not make sense for preferring Kapugedera(essentially a batsman) to Ntini (a strike bowler). Ntini may not have taken a single wicket in his first three IPL matches. But he is the senior most fast bowler in the team and deserves a place in the playing eleven. Also he and Gony could form a potent pace pair.
  2. 5th & 6th Over: It is a common strategy among our opposition teams to keep the wickets intact in the first 3 or 4 overs and then take on the bowlers in the fifth and sixth over. But Dhoni seems to use the same fast bowlers(Gony & Morkel) in these overs, who are plundered by the batsmen. Rather I would prefer a bowling change for those overs to keep the opposite team guessing. [Especially bringing on Murali could create doubt and confusion in the mind of the batsman]

What are your suggestions for the team?


Thiru Cumaran said...

I wouldn't be too eager to bring in Ntini for Kapugedara, 'cos our batting isn't anything to boast about (except Badri and MSD) and the idea of 6 batsmen in T20s just doesn't seem right, considering the fact that we have such a brittle batting order.

Actually, once in a while, cricinfo reports that MSD actually practices bowling in the nets, and that he bowls some really nippy medium pace. I could suppose that he could come in for an over or 2, giving the gloves to someone else (comeon there must be someone else who can keep wickets for a couple of overs) and surprise the batsmen! He could play as a second all-rounder!

I'd also prefer Anirudha for Kapugedara.

BTW, is there a rule in the IPL rulebook stating that a team has to have 4 foreign players? 'Cos I frankly find the idea of having Kapugedara come in and play quite a waste of money and he's blocking a place for someone else who could possibly be better!

Viswanathan said...

I agree that we suffer due to our bowling attack.

However, why don't we try Murali in the first 5 overs itself.

BTW, Thirucumaran has raised a valid point, "is there a rule in the IPL rulebook stating that a team has to have 4 foreign players".

Can anyone clarify?

Unknown said...

@ thirucumaran & Ottayan,
There is no role that states the team has to have four foreign players.. Rule is " a team can have a maximum of 4 foreign players"...

Personally I don't think Anirudha is that talented player.. He may be an explosive batsman.. But a lot of his shots are premeditated rather than planned.. And he could be much more useful as a surprising batsman rather than as a regular opener...

Dhoni as a bowler... :D... Vidyut first came into TN side as a bowler.. He is a better option... Raina also could bowl.. So i don't think Dhoni needs to bowl.. Also for your information.. Badrinath can be a stand-in wicket keeper if the team wants him..

Thiru Cumaran said...

I'd prefer to give him a chance rather than having a prover underperformer in the team. Or perhaps even Arun Karthik or Abhinav Mukund could be given chances.

Murali said...

We have a weaker bowling line-up and Nitni would give some strength to the line-up. But most of our bowlers except for Ghoni and Murali seem to bowl without any plan. I think they should come out a bowling strategy to get the wickets of match winners of the opponent. And the bowling units of the rest of the teams seem to have learnt how to bowl efficiently in T20s as we see bowlers getting into more action in recent games.

We have to bowl in the right places and get a good strategy on the weakness of opponent batsmens.

We have alteast 3 days break between our coming matches, so we can spent some time on strategy too.

Gaurav said...

oh come on ! enough of criticism of our bowling. fact is it is the batting failures that is letting the team down more than the bowling. recently we have had scores of 156 (mumbai), 145(hyderabad), 109(rajasthan) and 169(delhi). this is our main failure. yes bowling can improve, but it is important to focus on what the main weak point is rather than look at the secondary causes.

Murali said...

Yorker , Slower , bouncer keep the batsmne guessing. Need to understand the strong areas of each batsmeen and keep a strong field for him in that area..

Ofcourse two of our top five batsmen should click for us to make a match of it

I think MSD and wessels are more concerned and focused we will get good results

Unknown said...

@ Murali,
Also suggesting that our bowlers not bowling with a strategy is wrong.. since every bowler is assigned a role.. for e.g. Murali's role is to contain the batsman.. so that the wickets fall on the other end...

Murali said...

Robin..I dont think assigning an experience and effective bowler like Murali the job of just containing itself is a wrong strategy. Bowlers like Mcgrath and Warne could not do the job of containing on several occasions in this tournament. The best way to utilize Murali is to encourage him to attack and get wickets.

If we get few wickets, that will automatically slow down the run rate. See yday in Eden..Murali could not contain with a weaker batting unit like KKR.

The most probable semi final teams are Rajasthan, Punjab and Mumbai. And all of them have a strong batting line-up.

I dont think anyone can contain players like Jayasurya, Jayawardne, Watson, just send them back to pavillion, we are safe.

Just work out your strategy on key players on the opponents. More variations..yorker..slower, bouncer..keep them unsettled.

Murali said...

Balaji is doing better, but too many slower balls, he is
more predictable. Mix it up

Robin said...

@ Murali,
Yesterday Murali was attacking and was going for wickets in the first 2 overs atleast.. [Can gauge this from the fact that he had slips yesterday.. ].. It was not that Murali was not able to contain.. It was just that the pitch did not offer any support(turn) for Murali.. So can't really blame him..

Once Balaji is able to get his yorkers in, he would become much more deadly..