Friday, 30 May 2008

Strongest Rivals ?

Well, maybe we can answer this question better in two days time. But why not get the discussion started ? Who should be our arch-rivals for the next season ? I remember earlier in the season, Robin had considered Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore as potential rivals and settled on Bangalore. But now, is it time for a re-think given Bangalore's poor performance ?

My thoughts - candidate rivals and reasons in no particular order -
1) King's X1 Punjab - We play our best cricket against them, plus Dhoni has a keen battle against his friend and vice-captain Yuvraj

2) Delhi Daredevils - We seem to be very evenly matched, plus there is the age-old South v North issue, plus Dhoni also bypassed Sehwag for India captaincy, so there's a contest.

3) Mumbai Indians - The Mumbai crowds are the worst behaved. How can we forget the way they booed Dhoni at the Wankhede ? Plus they fairly destroyed us in our away game. Plus there is the history and the financial clout of Mumbai.

Of course the earlier reasons mentioned by Robin are still somewhat relevant. I don't want to make this sound a Dhoni v Yuvraj or Dhoni v Sehwag thing ... that's just one thought for you guys to consider.

Waiting to hear from you as to who should be our arch-rivals for next season and why ?


Anonymous said...

I feel it must be Bangalore RCs.

Just because of how the two matches against them have progressed ( One, we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and Bangalore did the same in the other). Also, there has been a traditional Ranji Trophy matchup between TN and Karnataka.

Hence I would go for Bangalore.

Unknown said...

yeah... me too feel that it should be Bangalore only... though they may have been weak, but we can expect them to bounce back strongly next time around..

Anonymous said...

yeah, brc is our natural rival and there is no other pleasure than beating the crap out of them for a chennaiite ;) if tendlya plays next year, then mumbai too !!

Anonymous said...

It can only be Punjab....not only for the reason that we play for our best cricket against them....but also because "there can be only one kings in the league !!!"