Sunday, 25 May 2008

A Spirited Fight - But Just Not Enough !

Hmm .. I suppose if you can contrive to throw away a match like this, then sometimes luck can hit you hard in all the wrong places despite coming up with a most spirited and laudable effort like today. The other night against Bangalore, the bowlers came up with a superlative performance that the batsmen wasted and today, when the batsmen finally stood up to the challenge, the bowlers had done just so badly that it proved a mile too far in the end.

So with the sixth loss, and with Mumbai refusing to do us a favor by eliminating Delhi we are locked in a tight battle with the other two for two semifinal slots - a battle that is likely to go down to the wire.

As a game of cricket, today was fantastic. Rajasthan Royals batsmen played really well - Smith, Asnodkar and Akmal in particular, although you have to admit that our bowling was lacklustre. With the reply we gave them it does seem like it was a very true batting wicket. In the end, that man Sohail Tanvir proved the difference yet again with two very miserly spells, most crucially the last one in which he got the wicket of Dhoni.

But before that Raina, Parthiv and Morkel really took the fight to the Royals. Raina's early assault on Mumaf was particularly breath-taking. Mind you, today was a full stadium and it reverberated with every stroke Raina lashed. In the end, one has to say, that yet again, he threw his wicket when there was no need to. Warnie's spell when he got Parthiv also proved to be critical.

1) Fight - I feared that the team might collapse under the sheer pressure of the volume of the runs. To their credit this didn't happen and the challenge brought out the best in the batsmen
2) Raina, Parthiv Morkel striking form - superb batting !

1) Bowling - Though it was a batting track the bowling never looked to have any incision, or worse, even purpose. I would say the likes of Ntini should take major blame for this
2) Fleming - What a meaningless waste of a wicket !
3) Dhoni - I worry that increasingly bowlers are figuring out how to keep him quiet and he is also getting out in the process

Fortunately, we still have our destiny in our own hands, unlike Delhi. We have to beat bottom-placed Deccan Chargers in our last game and we are through. Maybe after we brought shame upon ourselves against Bangalore, and Lady Luck punished us against Rajasthan for that, hoepfully all things should fall into place for this crucial game. In the last two games we have shown that our bowlers and batsmen can do it - they just need to put it together.

Revenge Battle Results
Tanvir v Parthiv - Draw
Tanvir v Fleming - Draw
Munaf v Raina - REVENGE for Raina
Tanvir v Morkel - Tanvir wins !
Warne v Morkel - Morkel wins again !
Asnodkar v Gony - Asnodkar wins AGAIN
Yusuf v Murali - Draw


Anonymous said...

It was a great match to see wasn't it? Now hopefully there will be no individually brilliant performance for Chargers on Tuesday and we win.

Murali said...

After CSKs loss, I was watching the match between Mumbai and Delhi, wanting to see Mumbai knock-out Delhi, for a while I realized that I am blindly hoping for the cause of CSK. Delhi realy bowled well to keep Mumbai down to 170+. And the later middle order of their batting fighted it out to keep their semis hope alive.

We should understand as a sports, the better playing side deserves a place in the semis, not CSK.

If CSK comes up with a good show with Deccan Charges, then it might be considered a team worth to enter semis, otherwise Mumbai and Delhi, the better playing teams than CSK(at the moment) deserves a place in the Semis.

We are not playing well as a team. We shined initially bcos of indivdual perfomances.
Loosing the later 6 out of the 9 played doesnt show any worth to enter semis. Lets not be so biased and welcome the team who plays well.

Anonymous said...

The Chennai SucKings are history. Watch Gilchrist, Gibbs and Afridi post the highest total of the tournament for the Chargers. Last chance for N. Srinivasan to pad up.

Anonymous said...

அப்பு ஆய்ரம் தன் ஆடினாலும் சென்னைக்கு ஆப்பு சொருகியாச்சு.
இனி ஒண்ணும் பண்ணமுடியாது, அதனால
பொறுத்திருந்து பாப்போம் ...............

Arjune said...

What a contest!!! 420 odd runs in 40 overs, phew!!! Clearly, it shows what a belter of a pitch it was. But even on a pitch like this, our bowlers(CSK) could have done better...

The likes of Ntini and Murali in our side, supposed to be the lethal bowlers of this era, did not add any depth to our bowling. Ntini was unpredictable with his bowling, whereas murali lacked the kill. And balaji is getting too predictable with his slower ones.. Somebody got to tell him that T20 is not just about bowling slow balls!!! Morkel also wasnt too impressive either, straying down the leg side too often. Goni clearly showed his inexperience, bowling wayward, when being taken apart...

But i am not going to take any credit away from the Royals' batsmen. The way the veteran Smith took up to the attack was laudable.. And kamran too proved that he is not going to watch IPL from the bench by strengthening the assault on CSK. And asnodkar, a rather suprising find for the Royals' proved yet again with his glittering strokes... All in all, a wonderful batting display by the Royals'.

Seeing the huge total on the board, i thought CSK would founder. But when has CSK been predictable?? What a show they put up... Royals' clearly missed Watson. Raina and Morkel were just brilliant.. And parthiv too proved finally that he could cross the twenties... But in the end, it just wasnt enough. Good fight they have put up.. Kudos to you guys.. Chasing a huge score is always not going to be easy.

Sohail tanveer again has proved a good bargain for the Royals'. As cool as ice, he sent down yorkers that just could not be hit. Morkel's inability to dispatch good patch proved fatal in the end. But he cant be blamed, can he??

With our batting firing in the last match, i hope we put up a good show against chargers for it desides our destiny...

Anonymous said...

Anything can happen in our next match.. "No one will play to lose.. no one will support if you lose"
"Nothing succeeds like success" - Go Chennai Go.....>

Unknown said...

This is funny... CSK's coach never fancied their chances for semis.. Talk about self-belief!! And is it any surprising that lack of it is showing in the matches.. What can our captain and its team do if the morale booster (Coach) is only low on morale and confidence??? Read the URL